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    Bug: I played canyon in ranked even though it was removed.
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    Whats your take on non symmetrical maps? I find maps that offer different approaches for each spawn play great, with differing options for each spawn leaving the players to decide on best approach from there. A lot of old school PA was about this approach.
    I think this is what we all miss as Veterans in honesty, We all have a problem with the tr2 macro game that is and seem to miss all the random plays of old that were possible due to map style, balance is obviously a player here too as old plays don't work in the face of earlier tr2 90%.
    Anyway, I would love to see more maps with a random non symmetrical style with spawns balanced around predicted approaches, ease of approaches, Land, Naval, Defendable etc. It can be hard to pull off but I find it makes for the most interesting events in game.
    I know the PAG boys liked the Naval land map, unsure of the name, I've only played it a few times, I too found it interesting. I think were all missing abit of that randomness and difference in approach and I think that is what makes PA.
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    (the links are clickable)

    Meh: 0-2

    Mediocre: 3-5
    Good: 6-7 (Good: 6-7)
    Great: 8-9
    Legendary : 10

    Second impressions:
    • Echo new: Stays 5 .
      • Haven't played, (but you've shared some changes to this one so I wont judge yet)
    • Exeunt new: Stays 3 .
      • Really awkward to play on. The only expansion routes are sideways, and both lead to an ocean of open terrain.
      • A common trend is the spawn ramps. It just doesn't make base building fun. Not to mention, there's SIX choke points at this spawn:
      • Expansion 1. Leads to a double cluster of metal, then none of the rest is free. The nearest metal from this pair is a single extractor farther to the right, then there's a skinny ramp with 3 metal, which is close to halfway around the entire map from the spawn. Here is my suggestion:
      • Expansion 2. This one isn't terrible. But, I still don't like how is heavily encourages pelter and turret spam due to the crazy chokes and narrow expansions. Suggestion:
      • Backside. There is almost no reason to go here. The combination of low metal density on this main platform, choke points, and being wide open makes it a high-risk low-reward expansion. If it had higher metal density, it may be a worthy proxy route, because it's just too far. Suggestion: Now, the center platform metal dist is a little bit subjective, but the expos on the sides are very good IMO.
    • Bailiff new: Downgraded from 6 to 5 .
      • Plays like hopper without treeco and naval. Locusts are strong, and there are a lot of choke points.
      • Please remove this CSG, it makes base building annoying and creates a bad choke point with high ground.
      • Remove these CSGs in blue and add some metal in the red box so players don't starve if they lose the secondary continent:
      • Speaking of the second continent, I think it plays fine but I don't like how the only place to access it besides air is one of the worst choke points i've ever seen in my life: Add a small bridge behind the spawn so land fabbers can access this continent directly from your base. Downgraded to 5/10 until further notice.
    • Basilica new: 4 .
      • Haven't played, (but you've shared some changes to this one so I wont judge yet)
    • A-Sat new: Upgraded from 4 to 6 .
      • Better than I expected. I don't have major suggestions, but some CSGs should probably go. Just not sure which ones. Upgrading from a 4/10 to a 6/10. I will need to play this one more.
    • District new: stays 6.5 .
      • It's ok. There are so many CSGs that it feels incredibly awkward to expand on, and there is literally no way to engage without encountering a choke point caused by a CSG.
      • Look, there's another ramp CSG inside the base like on bailiff: Here's how to fix the spawn: I think removing those two metal is fine too, either works.
      • And look at these CSGs: Remove all of these, except for the ones i'm about to show.
      • I would do this: Replace the bottom two with a skinnier CSG (shown in red) and remove that middle one entirely.
    • Maginot new: stays 8 .
      • Good, as expected. No major complaints after playing. I like the expansion options, and it appears to have low snowball potential. Stays 8/10.
    • Hyde new: Upgraded from 7 to 8 .
      • I Like it. The expansions are sideways but they are done correctly. Four fab start is very strong it seems. I currently do not have any suggestions, and the CSGs have not caused as much trouble as I expected. I will upgrade from a 7/10 to 8/10 until further notice. FYI, 8/10 is the highest I will go until I play these maps more. The last two points resolve edge cases.
    • Kelvin new: stays 7 .
      • Plays better than I expected, however I don't like the expansion between bases. Suggestion: This makes it so that when someone locks down this expansion, it can be taken back without sending 4 ares titans over to break the choke :)
      • The naval lake with the metal might be a bit overpowered. Since it is a lane naval map, someone who takes the lake will keep it for the entirety of the game. Consider adding some metal to the smaller lake so someone who loses the main lake has a backup option.
    • Rotunda new: 8 .
      • As expected, it plays great. I really don't have any suggestions. It does play like a canyon 2.0, however it is more open overall. Stays 8/10.
    • Hopper new: stays 7 .
      • I wish the secondary large continent had denser metal clusters. Expanding there is a chore. Otherwise, it plays decently. HOWEVER, my main issue with the land portion is that once someone captures the center area it is very difficult to take it back, and your only other option for metal is the secondary continent which is hard to expand to because only air fabs or fabber drops can start the process (those can get sniped!). In laymans terms, this map has high snowball potential. Need to play more.
    • Backbone new: stays 4 .
      • This map is currently bugged for me. I played one game on it, and the planet was stuck inside of the gas giant. I don't have serious feedback for it.


    Overall the maps play better than expected. The maps are very diverse. I will try to play some more and make some more solid conclusions.

    New average (I am ignoring backbone because it is currently bugged for me): 6.14 +
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    Soo many maps.
    That must have been a lot of effort and time. You have as have others given soo freely for so long. Thankyou for your effort .Thankyou for the maps. The Nosebreaker looks forward to enjoying some battles on those maps for season three.
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