Scrolling with arrow keys bugged - zooms instead

Discussion in 'Support!' started by ORFJackal, December 25, 2013.

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    With the current version (58772) I've had in multiple matches it happen so that, for the duration of the whole game, instead of the up/down arrows moving the camera north/south, they zoom in/out. This results in me not being able to move the camera the way I prefer, and I have to fall back to moving the camera with the middle mouse button (which I don't like).

    But this doesn't happen in all games - I've never had it when playing 1v1 against the AI, and also it happens only sometimes when playing against other humans. IIRC, the games where this bug happens have typically been FFA games with 4 or more players (the last one was 5 player FFA over 9 planets), but maybe that's just a coincidence.
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    Check your ctrl key..... sounds like its stuck

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