Repurposing the Orbital Deepspace Radar

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What could the Orbital Deepspace Radar be repurposed as?

  1. Stealth-Zone/Area Radar Jammer

  2. Shield

  3. Anti-Orbital Weapon

  4. Orbital Stunner

  5. Anti-Ground/Air Weapon

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  1. eroticburrito

    eroticburrito Post Master General

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    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    One of my favourite models, and a great throwback to Total Annihilation's Arm Solar Pyramids.

    Now that we have global orbital vision, it's previous role is defunct.
    So, what do we reckon the model could be repurposed for? Radar Jammer? Some kind of shield? A fold-out weapon?

    I'll add a poll for the lurkers, but please feel free to add your suggestions below!
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  2. takfloyd

    takfloyd Active Member

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    Repurposed to Deep-Space Radar, game changed so your commander gives full orbital vision on the planet it's on, but no further.

    Like always, removing depth = bad. Total omniscience in the orbital and space layer is too simple in my opinion.
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  3. Ksgrip

    Ksgrip Active Member

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    Oo I will use it as a model for my shield mod. Didn't think of it but it is really plausible so yeah.
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  4. burntcustard

    burntcustard Post Master General

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    I dunno what it should be, but yeah it's a really nice model.
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  5. emraldis

    emraldis Post Master General

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    I think they should make it so that units grant vision of all orbital units in a large radius around them, on the planets you are on, while the DSO grants vision of orbital units transferring between planets...
  6. Antiglow

    Antiglow Well-Known Member

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    I really hate this total omniscience in the orbital and space layer. It was a rather shock to me when uber did that. Ruins any stelth tatics in the orbital layer and a big piece of the game to me. I would like it brought back in the form of this:
    • can't see orbital unless you have a space radar.
    • The commander can see orbital in a radius above him.
    • The space radar can only see nukes and units on the last hop comming to your planet and of course the units in the local planet's orbtial layer.
    • There is no such thing as a deep space radar.
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  7. epicblaster117

    epicblaster117 Active Member

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    Stealth Field/Shield sounds cool. but of course either of these suggestions will summon the hellspawn of people saying that it's a horrid idea and defensive are the demons work.
  8. zodiusinfuser

    zodiusinfuser Member

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    I suggested this on a previous thread about the Deep space radar, but I'll repeat it here.

    Turn it in to a T2 unit that gives you ground radar of nearby planets, but not the planet it's built on. To avoid this being too powerful it could either be made to have a limited range (so only works for seeing moons), and/or have it only see the hemisphere of the planets that are facing the radar. Because planets rotate you'll constantly be getting a different view, so can never fully see what the enemy is doing.
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  9. davostheblack

    davostheblack Well-Known Member

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    Actually, a space-effecting stealth tower would be very cool! I'm down with that
  10. ViolentMind

    ViolentMind Active Member

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    A radar jamming device would be cool. However, personally I think that Orbital vision should be restricted to the planet that your commanders are on. Then the Deep Space radar should come back into play for "deep space" detection, as intended. In other words, you can't see what's flying around in space, or in orbit above other planets, without one. Global orbital vision really gives away too much about your enemies' position without having to do anything to earn it. I think that we took a small strategic step backward with that decision. Beside that, the deep space radar is a very nice unit, and should be used, if possible.
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  11. Engineer1234

    Engineer1234 Well-Known Member

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    Solar power plant ? :D

    Actually I think it will get it's function back in the future when we finally get a Supremacy gamemode and your commander can finally die without losing the game.
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