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    for a long time I have felt that the current ping system of pa is a bit limited and difficult to communicate intentions when you're not in voice.

    This mod attempts to solve that issue by adding a variety of additional pings.

    The features that these pings have are:
    • Animated models to represent the ping
    • Coloured ping circle effects to match the models
    • Related sound effects for each type of ping
    • Ties in to the alert system to give the same type of alert as a normal ping would.
    • can be global or team only
    The main features are:
    • The ability to create a contextual ping at your cursors location with a keypress
    • A moveable menu that you can select the pings from
    • An audio toggle on the action bar if you don't like the noises or someone is spamming
    • A reasonable amount of spam protection
    The current selection of pings are shield(defend here), sword(attack here), money(eco here), commander(a commander was here),anti-nuke(build an anti-nuke here) ,and the only current global is a white flag(peace).

    There are plans to add more pings/features, particularly a few more global ones.

    • Anonemous2 - Models and Animations
    • BillTheBlueBot - Models
    • Ferretmaster - Effects,Icons, Coding and implementation
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    Version 1.1 2021-01-07

    - removed addition of units for puppets to prevent confusion and merge issues with unit mods.
    - fixed lock icon not working.
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