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    - github.com/D1rtySanchez/com.pa.d1rtysanchez.select-extension/
    - github.com/D1rtySanchez/com.pa.d1rtysanchez.select-extension/archive/master.zip


    Select hotkeys, aimed to streamline the controls for less camera navigation.

    Setup: Customize your hotkeys via settings->keyboard->Selex

    Example #1: early legion spy network - use "select all idle scouts" followed by "select single closest" and pick a target, repeat for 5-6 targets to queue huge radar coverage in seconds.

    Example #2: "select all fabbers" followed by "select single closest", to queue a small build order without having to move your camera.
    Repeat that to split few small build orders for (apm) speed, risk management, and aggressive expansion in multiple directions.


    Select Single Closest
    Select the closest unit from current selection, Especially useful for fabbers & scouts.
    Recommended to use "Select all idle fabbers/scouts" with this, that way you can keep the camera focused on your target, I personally bind this to [q]

    Select all Idle Fabbers
    Select all idle fabbers on planet, checks zoom level to separate normal fabbers from orbital fabbers.

    Select all Idle Scouts
    Selects all idle scouts, very useful for Legion faction investigator push.

    Select all Radars
    Selects all radars, for checking radar coverage. This works as a toggle so you can quickly check your radar coverage.
    Checks zoom level to separate ground radars from orbital radars.

    Select all Support - Support denotes siege, AA & combat fabber units
    Select all Siege - Siege units are long range units like the mobile artillery.
    Select all AA - Self explanatory


    Feel free to copy any of this for your own mods, just put credit when appropriate

    for teaching me the ropes of PA modding, and motivating me to finish this mod
    wondible for creating keybind extensions, which inspired this mod
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