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    Easily start a private chat with player in current game.

    Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 14.40.51 .png

    Adds an icon to player names in the players panel which opens the private chat interface. It's only possible to look up a player by display name if you already know them, but the vanilla PA lobby adds a contact for players in the game, so it should work in this case.

    Important note: by default the social/uberbar is closed and does not open or notify the player when he receives a message. This mod has appropriated the PA-Chat highlight effect to the social toggle button for your own use.

    Also provides support for mods (e.g. Puppetmaster) to send chat messages to players.

    - https://github.com/JustinLove/chat_with_player
    - http://wondible.com/pa/chat_with_player_v1.0.0.zip
    - PAMM
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    you should add a friend request icon as well
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