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    So far, i love what was done with Arial recon and how i can now select 5+ planes and area command patrol a planet to effectively ping a planet and see everything, but it seems ground recon is as useless as ever which makes me sad :(. so these are my proposed changes to intelligence gathering as well as a side note suggestion for the economy just cause.

    -remove t1 radar- sounds silly i know but it will make more sense with my next suggestion, besides t1 radar is so short anyway, you almost always would rather replace it with t2 when you get the chance.

    -ground recon rework. ive always seen ground recon as a sort of mobile radar dish, but it never had the range and most of the time was out classed by t1 radar. i suggest giving a radar range to the ground recon unit and perhaps a cloaking feature so they are invisible when they dont move. the catch? how about no offensive capability and enemy radar/recon decloaks them?

    -smart recon gathering- this might be unnecessary but i find it silly that i need to micro manage my recon so they dont fly into aa towers. it really makes them 1 off units. how about if the recon unit finds an enemy base via area command it avoids flying directly over it. ground recon is similar except they move out of the way of an incoming force. this also makes it so hunting down enemy "spys" is an active task that the player needs to worry about.

    -intelligence ghosts (or at least a way to favorite a part of a planet) its silly when i use recon to find an enemy base, it gets destroyed, and i cant find where the base was or have to strain my eyes to find the base models under the fog of war :\. if there are no icons for structures i found that aren't under radar at least let me mark the area y plane crashed when i am paying attention (which aint nobody got time fo dat) so i can find it later.

    -jammer satellite- random thought occurred to me (not the first i assure you), how about a new jamming satellite that can decloak all recon units under it and disable any intelligence structures under it?

    And since im already off tangent, my one economy change i would like to suggest

    -combined energy and mass storage-this may have been mentioned else ware but i believe this should be one structure not two. granted in a game where constant production is key to victory and if you are not producing to the point that your income is zero means you are building wrong, im not even sure if storage is even necessary except as maybe a buffer for bigger structures. but in case it is..... 1 structure not two.

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