Ranked Hard Reset?

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Hard Ranked Reset

  1. Yes Please

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  2. Yes + make inactivity slowly decrease elo/points/rating

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  3. Yes + shorter inactivity window

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  4. Yes + Shorter inactivity window and slow decrease in rating

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  5. No

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  6. Double No

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  1. reptarking

    reptarking Post Master General

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    Hey everyone. Was wondering opinions on a hard reset of rank making everyone back to unranked.

    - current people that play ranked have so many games that its almost impossible to move, I have 262 games and I am on a 50 game win streak and have yet to move a single spot up unless a person goes inactive above me.
    - the balance has changed alot since ranked first came out and some people are stuck where they partly because of there games in the old balance.
    - the number of maps and overall playstyles have increased and a showing of real understanding for the game would be more visible with everyone having to fight again to get into the top.

    - Cons: you cant have your account that is in top 10 play a game a week anymore and keep its rank because everyone else has really low variation and tons of games.

    Yes Please: this is just a yes for a hard ranked reset with no changes to the ranking system at all

    Yes + make inactivity slowly decrease hidden elo/points/rating: This would make it so that everyone starts out back at unranked again, you can start all overagain and work your way up but after getting where you are you still have to be active in order to keep that rank. you cannot get to number 1 and start abusing the system by not playing for a month to reset your variation and win a bunch more points each time and make yourself uncatchable. You would lose like 0.1% of your elo rating or points per day. that means that you would very slowly decay and that decay would effect higher up players more making the top more competitive to keep there rank.

    Yes + Shorter inactivity window: Hard reset with only allowing people to not play a ranked for 3 or 4 days before they are taken off the leader board. no decay.

    Yes + Shorter inactivity window and decay %: Hard reset, with a 3 to 4 day window before your taken off the leader board and you start to decay once you go inactive at a small rate that would be % of rating/points so that it makes the higher tiers more competitive.

    No: Seekers favorite word.

    Double No: bad idea, stop coming up with ideas.
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  2. cola_colin

    cola_colin Moderator Alumni

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    I feel before that some small adjustments should be made:
    - show ranked points
    - make sure people get points for wins even vs lower level players. Not many but enough to grind your rank up
    - show wins/losses of all players
    - show all players, not just a few in the top 10 of the leagues.
  3. Alpha2546

    Alpha2546 Post Master General

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    And after a halfyear someone will be coming with the same kind of request. Maybe solve the root problem (ranking system)?

    And add @cola_colin points on top of that and you have a nice second (or is it already third?) pass of 1v1 ranked.

    If we're taking a look at PAstats ladder then I'd say the uberskill is pretty right with how good someones skill is.

    The elo ladder takes the amount of games more into account I think? Could be good too for ranking.
  4. Killerkiwijuice

    Killerkiwijuice Post Master General

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    needz (more) bigger mapz furst
  5. stawos

    stawos Member

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    What about periodic resets? maybe 3,6, or 12 month intervals. Also more transparency and availability like @cola_colin suggested. A page where we can view the entire ladder would be nice too, some export like @mikeyh 's http://palobby.com/
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  6. kryovow

    kryovow Well-Known Member

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    seasons of 3 to 6 months plus a hall of fame for the top 3 of each rank class.
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  7. Quitch

    Quitch Post Master General

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    I think this.

    The issue is indeed how people are ranked, but it's not the fault of Glicko. A good matchmaking system should result in a static ladder, because the point is to establish your skill level. People get upset because they won a couple of games and didn't move, but in the greater scheme of things a couple of games is nothing.

    This is why games have moved away from using the matchmaking system as the means of displaying fine grain rank.

    Linking leagues to Glicko but your position within the league to something else is probably the best approach.
  8. tatsujb

    tatsujb Post Master General

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    Yes + make inactivity slowly decrease elo/points/rating is how it's done on FAF
  9. sebovzeoueb

    sebovzeoueb Active Member

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    I think seasons are really good, and I think it will encourage players to come back and play ranked when there is a reset. I know that when I go back to StarCraft 2 I like to try to do a season. It definitely makes it feel like having a new chance.
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  10. MrTBSC

    MrTBSC Post Master General

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    does PA have a seasonal rank reset?
  11. Clopse

    Clopse Post Master General

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    Yeah the ranking system is terrible. Zero incentive to play. Players like myself who love numbers and stats would play much much more if we knew what was needed. If I knew I needed to play and win 10 games to move up a spot I would play 10 games, that's most likely 9 more than I play now because of the lack of decay and the not knowing in terms of ladder position. I have beaten elodea and then how Eshez twice on my smurf account and didn't move up from ranked 13th. Then lost next to a lower ranked player and lost a couple of places.

    Current ladder doesn't make sense, May as well pick places out of the sky.


    More stats= more ranked matches = lower waiting times = more matches = PA won't die like its doing.
  12. zihuatanejo

    zihuatanejo Well-Known Member

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    The ranking system algorithm definitely needs to be tweaked. Inactivity isn't good enough, there needs to be some form of decay. @cola_colin's points are all good, particularly about being about win a small amount of points from winning against a lesser ranked player. I never understood why the entire playerbase isn't available to view. People want to see their position, they don't want to see just the top ten players of each league and their rank. We want a list of all players, with the ability to break it down by league etc.
  13. Knub23

    Knub23 Active Member

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    The ladder really feels dead. I went on vacation for 3 weeks, came back, played 1 match, now I am in the Top10. Before I was 25th or something like that. I certainly don't deserve to be in the Top10 (or even in Uber) because I only play 1v1 from time to time (I only have 35 games total), TeamGames are my focus. But the system really helps me, because I have a high deviation and will gain points if I come back and win (with such a small number of Uber players, it is most likely that you face someone with less skill, so there is no real danger of losing the rank). A player that doesn't focus on 1v1 should not be in Uber or at least not be able to stay there for long by just don't playing that much.

    The system just fails and does not reflect skill and there is no incentive to play ranked more than once a week. Look at the Top10, almost all of the well known people are gone because there is no incentive to play (Elodea wasn't there yesterday). If KISEL and custard don't play today, they are out of the ladder too.

    Uber should listen to the suggestions made in this thread and announce a restart and update of the ladder to bring the people back.
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  14. mikeyh

    mikeyh Post Master General

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    If someone provides an API with more rank data then I'll create something with it :)
  15. MrTBSC

    MrTBSC Post Master General

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    yea i do agree that ladder should have a pointsystem depending on gap of level ... so basicaly lets say every win brings 10 points by default but if you play against a high level player you get a multiplyer on win like 1.5 or 2.0 ...something along those lines ... not sure about decay ... if there would be a hard reset for every season it might not be neccesary ...
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