Raising Awareness of the Strategic Icon limit

Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by manlebtnureinmal, September 6, 2018.

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    For most systems, all strategic icons fail if there are over 315 strategic icons loaded.

    This means that any mod that adds units, but wants to maintain compatibility with Legion, is limited to ~81 unique strategic icons for practical reasons.

    I have been developing an MLA subfaction mod for the last few weeks, and the way the game engine handles strategic icons is a limit on what my mod can do.

    Currently, there is only one subfaction, Foundation, which uses a unique strategic icon for every unit; the vast majority of these strategic icons will have to be re-substituted with the original vanilla MLA equivalents soon, as I slowly implement other subfactions. I do believe that it is helpful for players to be able to see that a unit is Foundation, even when it isn't significantly different from its MLA counterpart, as this can aid scouting and make playing Shared Armies more bearable.

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