PTE build 85104-pte is now live!

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    Build 85051-pte - 7/30/15 & Build 85104-pte - 7/31/15

    Please see this post for more information

    Build 84871-pte - 7/29/15

    Please see this post for more information

    Build 84260-pte - 7/20/15

    Adjusted the slow down of impacting asteroids
    Minor adjustments to planet explosion and impact effects
    Updated the asteroid belt effect to use the new "infinite" (-1) particle lifetime

    UI Scaling
    Option exists in settings as "GUI Size"
    Players have a slider that allows them to adjust the size of the UI to their liking

    Mod support:
    Adding a modding API for controlling server-side camera culling
    Added support for specifying the world view to the time API
    Added generic, world-space unit order JS API
    Holodeck raycast JS API
    - Allows casting rays (optionally multiple per call) in holodeck screen space against terrain, units, and features.
    Added the order & build queues to api.WorldView.getUnitState output

    AI changes:
    AI can now use asteroids
    AI can now handle combat on smaller planets better
    AI will launch asteroids at other asteroids, under certain conditions

    Fixed the shader error on mac which was leading to crashes on asteroid systems
    Update buttons for offline unavailable, offline disabled, and graphics crash, as well as fix close window button on dialog
    Fix for failing to land on asteroids in the low spots
    Fix for possibly losing a command if the command is given during freeze time
    Fix for typo in AI: NetalStorageFrac vs MetalStorageFrac
    Potential celestial targets are marked with red circles instead of blue/green circles
    Added new music cue which is triggered when targeting an asteroid or the annihilaser
    Removed some error log spamming related to Asteroid brushes not existing and particle lifetime being too long
    Fix for missing asteroid shadow shader warning
    Fix for asteroids showing as grey sometimes. (Default biome color was set to moon grey, now asteroid colored.)
    Fix metal planet sound happening on planet smash
    Fix for larger asteroid belt chunks not rendering normal maps
    Fixed planet smashes playing the sound effect twice in certain situations
    Fixed gas giants and far away planets from getting odd clipped edges on their lighting
    Fix for "him or me" Steam achievement. Also fixes a bug where the wrong planet selection index was being used.

    Known issues:
    The fog of war effect is applied to the asteroid belt when zoomed in on a planet.

    Build 84088-pte
    - 7/16/15

    For more information about PTE and how to access it, please visit:

    Asteroids are here!
    -Players are now able to place Asteroid belts in their systems
    -The asteroid belt spawns in small asteroids at a predetermined timing that can be set by the system designer
    -An alert plays when an asteroid appears in the system
    -New planet crash effect! Planets now explode when they collide with one another
    --This means that the player no longer targets a spot on the target planet
    --This also means that all commanders on the planet are the first to die and die at the same time
    -Planets in motion go directly to the target after first going around the sun once
    -Asteroids have been added to the Roc, Styx, and Medea systems. The Roc system has also been added to the list of Ranked systems

    Improved feedback while placing buildings
    - Build previews now show the placement bounds as a square light
    - The preview will change yellow if placing the building will block a metal spot
    - The preview will turn red if building is placed in a spot it cannot be built on

    Balance changes:
    Reduced AA Missile splash damage
    - Commander decreased from 25 to 10
    - AA Vehicle (Spinner) decreased from 20 to 10
    - Air Defense (Galata) decreased from 20 to 10
    - Missile Ship (Stingray) decreased from 25 to 10

    AI changes/fixes:
    Fix for the AI using the wrong value when making a planet wide patrol order on a gas giant.
    Fix for crash due to bad data in AI unit map.
    Fix for AI trying to create an artillery platoon when a Unit Cannon is built.
    Fix for AI failing to build if the factory it wants to start with cannot be built due to the spec not being available.
    AI should waste resources less often.
    Added support for AIs to have multiple personality tags.
    Fixed a bug where the AI would not build an advanced vehicle fabber on planets with an enemy on it.
    Fixed bug where a fabber would not be built right away on a planet where the AI had an orbital fabber.
    Fix for AI not setting up initial army presences correctly.
    Improved AI econ handling.
    Fix for AI fabbers constanlty starting and stopping assisting.
    Fix for bug in planetmanager that could cause the AI to not create a new base for a spawned in unit when it should.
    Minor AI build condition update.
    Fix for AI crash during sim shutdown.
    Minor AI build item change.
    AI will try to stick to the same enemy as a target unless a significant reason exsists to change.
    Minor AI platoon behavior modifications.
    Fix for AI orbital radar platoons.
    Added stuck detection to the diband behavior of AI platoons in an attempt to keep them from getting lost by the AI.
    AI should do a better job of scouting other planets.
    Fix for AI crash that can occur when an AI is defeated.
    Fix for AI micro and keep at range distances.
    Further improved AI attack from range behavior.

    Modding support:
    Puppet support
    -Allows rendering purely client-side models, effects, and decals in-game
    -See worldview.js for API information
    -Note: Does not integrate with chronocam due to being client-side
    Add JS API for accessing unit state
    -Army unit list is available via api.getWorldView(0).getArmyUnits(army, planet)
    -Unit State is available via api.getWorldView(0).getUnitState([unit, unit, unit])

    Bug fixes/polish:
    +Sing audio! Give it a try and see what it does.
    Fix for loading a save where an entity was created and retired on the same tick.
    Fix for area patrol lag.
    Improved the exiting of teleporters.
    Speed up of distributing points on a planet for planet wide patrols for Air/Orbital units.
    Units without auto weapon tasks will no longer keep a list of nearby targets.
    Fix for crash if a projectile dies with a unit attached, and the unit triggers a death weapon.
    Adjusted the tick rate of the auto repair task.
    Fix for badge resizing and not wrapping in armory.
    Hovering over wreckage will no longer allow the use command to be the default right-click command.
    Issuing a terminating order to a unit (which is most orders) will remove all non-terminating orders (Patrol and Assist) from the unit's order queue.
    Various GW galaxy visual tweaks
    -Adjust the postion of outlining stars to keep them inside the galaxy graphic
    -Changed the starting zoom level to center on the galaxy and fit it too the view, instead of zooming in on the local cluster around the player. This ensures that you can see the galaxy when you first start, and ensures that the commander is in view.
    From the GW, you can now quit to the main menu or the GW map. You can no longer quit to desktop from the live game menu.
    Fix for GW Enemy Commander limit.
    Auto maneuver task will now check the return value of moveTo.
    Fix for broken chronocam layout at min resolution caused by new 'play from here' button.
    Ensure that advanced editor is always displayed when applicable.
    Remove slider calls that were throwing exceptions.
    Fix for weird placement behavior when you attempt to drag build over invalid terrain.
    Show information about gameplay being unavailable even if you open & dismiss settings page.
    Made game name & password changes in the lobby take effect almost instantly.
    Fix all GW replays to be viewable again and allow you to view them again.
    We now have a button that will show the typed password in the lobby. (i.e. it'll show "hunter2" rather than "*******".)
    Show an informational dialog for machines that do not meet the required specs to play on a local server.
    Prevent units from being able to get stuck in celestial when a planet gets moved to a normally invalid location.
    Fixes for a server lock when a player would issue a patrol order on a different planet than a unit was on.
    Preventing system save while latest state cannot yet be synchronized with UI.
    Fix to units getting shot by an Umbrella and not being able to see the projectile.
    Paused game ui shows a small display for user invoked pause, full width pause when invoked by game (resume after save, etc.)
    Pop up a dialog if you crashed due to driver issues.
    Fix for credits galaxy.
    Fix for issue where enemy commanders were not being added to the GW map.
    Adding commander footstep sounds.
    Fixed issue that was causing YouTube/twitch links to not work on Mac.

    Known issues:
    Landing on asteroids is sometimes problematic. If the spot on the asteroid is too low/indented, you will not be able to drop your units off on it. We are currently working on addressing this.
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    Fix for crash if a projectile dies with a unit attached, and the unit triggers a death weapon.

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    How I imagine players sending asteroids to each other;

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    Wow :-D
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    So, when planets collide they explode. Do asteroids count as planets?
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    Another known issue:
    The AI will ignore asteroids that do not exist at the start of the game. This and the landing issue are fixed locally and will go out in a future PTE build.
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    So, I'm taking off for a few months, and when I take a look into the forum, it's exactly 45 mins after the release of the asteroid update i didn't even know about? Very nice!

    Also, thanks for the fantastic long term support. PAs release state did love some things to be desired, but your continued support for the game is just awesome. :D
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    Instant crash on OS X with --nomods starting any game with asteroids (styx / roc / medea):
    • ERROR Particle system overflow. x 4
    Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue:
    0             0x000000010c9551ba crom::RasRenSceneViewport::renderQuadParticles(crom::RasRenSceneViewport::SceneInfo const&, std::__1::__wrap_iter<zu::RefNoCount<crom::RasRenParticleGroupCollection> const*>, std::__1::__wrap_iter<zu::RefNoCount<crom::RasRenParticleGroupCollection> const*>, zu::StringRange, std::__1::function<void (crom::RasRenDrawCall const&)> const&) + 362
    1             0x000000010c952030 crom::RasRenSceneViewport::render() + 1600
    2             0x000000010c8c63f3 crom::RasRen::present() + 291
    3             0x000000010c41d626 client::ClientGame::updateAndPresent(crom::Profiler&, float) + 3590
    4             0x000000010c7fa261 crom::SDLPlatform::runGame(crom::Game*) + 1697
    5             0x000000010c7f15cf main + 527
    6             0x000000010c3c4cf4 start + 52
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    Thank you Uber Entertainment!
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    You are welcome.
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    somebody put a moon into a mixer and put the result into orbit around the sun.
    I like the looks for sure.
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    Nice stuff :)
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    ok some minor things that would be nice.

    1. Being able to place the asteroid belts around the system.
    2. Placing asteroid belts around a gas giant makes rings (which could also spawn asteroids perhaps)
    3. the asteroids that spawn should actually be inside the asteroid belt orbiting at the same speed, but perhaps remove nearby asteroid particles?

    Other than that, I'd just like asteroids to do the old crater effect, and planets to cause planet death, but that's not a huge problem for me. Loving the new particle effects for the annihilazor and impact planet explosions, though I think they need to be varied a bit more. Currently when a planet explodes from impact it's quite similar to when it gets lazor'd, just a bit quicker.
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    It's christmas today, with this there will be a version of the Ubermap mod WITHOUT ANY HACKERY.

    if there is a few minutes extra time, I would guess it would not be much work for you guys to add the health of a unit into the unit state data. And if you have even more time, I would love to get the current orders queue of the units ;)
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    The belt being ever present look so damn good, really livens up the system !
    Love the pockmarked asteroid biome.

    I'd like to be able to control more variables though, like choosing the centerpoint for the belt, a planet, or the sun, science be damned.
    Would also like to be able to control the amount of metal on asteroids, and the size of them, or maybe even a range of possible randomized sizes, and the amount of halleys required to move it.
    Personally I'd make them way smaller so they could not sustain any kind of base even without metal, have them really be weapon-only.

    I think it's a shame that the debris shrinks away into non-existence, the debris of an exploding planet looks SO great, just let it hang around for ever so we can tell sh*t went down in this system.
    Alderaan didn't just go poof and dissapear, the Falcon had to dodge little pieces of it ;) and that was awesome.
    Same goes for the Annihilaser, I just blew up a planet with a giant laser, the evidence should remain so people know not to mess with these robots. :cool:
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    Great !!!!! Now anyone could tell me how to install this last PTE on linux ? I have no problem with my windows launcher but i have no such launcher for Linux. Only PA binary file which directly takes me to the game (I get a message stating there's a new pte, but no option to download and install it. Thanks !
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    I'm impressed
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