PTE build 110596-PTE is now live!

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by wyao, May 31, 2018.

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    The latest build is now up on the PTE test server. It contains two main fixes for some issues players have been running into:

    1) The game will now automatically import player settings from Ubernet during the initial migration when first logging on, and now there is a button on the settings menu if you want to manually import your settings.

    2) The game will now pull your friends list from local storage for those players who did not already login. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this bug, this won't fix the issue for those who have already run into it.

    Please go ahead and play on the test server if you can over the next few days. Let us know in this thread if you run into anything else. We are hoping to have this build live early next week.

    -The Uber Team
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    Thanks to @Quitch for providing this link all about the PTE test server and how to access it:
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    From the directions at the link:
    1. Once the download has completed navigate to the launcher’s PTE directory
    2. Open the text file version.txt
    3. Replace the contents with “105067” (no quotes). This will allow you to play with stable version players.

    I see a version.txt at my C:\Games\Planetary Annihilation\Planetary Annihilation\PTE

    Is this the file the instructions are referring to? It currently says "110596-pte". Do I place that with the “105067” (no quotes) mentioned above?

    Or should I use "110552" which is the current stable version?
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    110552 is correct, I'l update that guide.
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