PSA: Beware of the map called "Titan 8v8"

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    EDIT: I accidentally posted this in the Uber Entertainment subforum instead of the PA: Titans one. I tried to delete this and repost, but am unable to find such an option.

    I recently had the misfortune to play an 8v8 on the Community Server where the lobby appeared somewhat balanced, but intentionally malicious actions by the host—who shall not be named, as I believe this forum has certain restrictions against negatively naming players, even when these accusations may be true—led to a greatly lowered quality of game. I know these actions to be intentional and malicious due to facts revealed to me that I shall present as evidence.

    After all 16 players in the lobby consented to the state of team balance in the game, the host removed team 1, made a new team, and transferred all of the players from team 1 to team 2 without changing the lobby in any other way. This initially caused confusion in the lobby, but myself and others present had failed to notice these red flags until the game started.

    Upon entering the game, the team I was on (team 1), had the displeasure to learn that two of our players had spawned on a floating ledge, which looked symmetrical to the spawns of the enemy team, but did not permit ground-based units to exit without use of a teleporter. The enemy team, however, had no such bugged spawns. The amount of time spent building a teleporter—and additional energy plants, so as to properly maintain the upkeep—crippled the starting builds for two of our team's players, and thereby left us at disadvantage and caused us much grief.

    While one may make the mistake of misattributing such an occurrence to bad luck or simple negligence on the host's part (for I admit that I have been negligent myself in many lobbies I have hosted in the past), I have reason to suspect that this is not the case. After the game had loaded, one of my teammates had informed me that the map we played on had had two bugged spawns in a previous session, and that this grievance had already once been made known to the host.

    The fact that this host both knew of this bug, and intentionally altered team order to place his team in the advantage, makes it evident to me that this was an intentional and calculated act of malice.

    The aforementioned host already has a reputation known to many players, of both questionable action and bad behavior, but alas, I had made the mistake of joining the lobby, for I had not yet experienced intentional malice from this host in our past interactions.

    For this reason, I intend to inform the community of this game to be wary in lobbies hosted by this unnamed individual, and that the map called "Titan 8v8" is not to be seen as a balanced map, no matter how deceiving the lobby system preview may seem.

    I hope that this post is of use to the general community of this game.
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    It's easy to see who this was if you look at the custom server log. His standard team balance shuffles are very funny, you sure it wasn't just one of those. Maybe he was testing and new version the map or something.

    It would be great improvement to be able to see spawn points in the lobby, to avoid games having issues like this.
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    Probably a misunderstanding. I mean, we are talking about MFdoom, right? No need to hide names, if you are talking about user actions. Prefering solving rather than avoiding...

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