Proposal to Amend the PA Community Rules and Guidelines

Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by nimzodragonlord, April 22, 2019.

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    I did not state that it should not happen; I only stated that it results in pessimism when it does happen, and that it will add fuel to the fire for the side that already believes that the community does not have any say in the current state of PA, no matter who says that.


    Entirely other argument, since Quitch is basically trying to argue that a non-substantial amount of people actually care about this:
    (I posted this in a Discord server earlier, so Stuart98 has taken part of this argument for use in a previous post, and I have also taken the above sentence's argument from Stuart98)

    Planetary Annihilation's community is a bit like a small town near a popular destination for visitors. A lot of people will come through and check things out for a few days, but their stays are usually quite short. Only a few players actually stay in the community for a long time.

    For this "core" sustained community, there are so few of us that we all know each other, or we know someone in common. When someone is suddenly forced to leave the community, this may make those who knew them wonder why it happened. When this happens to four individuals in quick succession, it may make others wonder how this can be prevented in the future.

    While the sustained community is only a minority of the players, it is the part of the community that maintains and creates a majority of the content and infrastructure that is shared between players. A mod or map created by a member of the sustained community is more likely to be circulated through the broader community than a mod or map created only by a player who is simply passing through with their friends. Furthermore, the sustained community is also integral to maintaining knowledge of the game and organizing events/ hosting games that newer players may find themselves drawn to. (Note that I am not arguing that the non-persistent playerbase does not contribute contents like maps to the community; I am simply arguing that maps and other content created by non-persistent players are highly unlikely to ever enter circulation beyond their immediate friend-group).

    Many of the individuals associated with PA Inc. were themselves members of this sustained community, and helped maintain crucial infrastructure for the continuous survival of the game, and it is sad to see that they may have already forgotten this, or perhaps come to believe that they are the only members of the sustained community that are productive to the continued development and maintenance of infrastructure and content for this game.

    As of the time this was posted, 21 individuals (mostly from the sustained community) have publicly indicated support for Nimzo's suggestions. While 21 is small when compared to the total number of unique players who play PA every month, it is significant in terms of the size of the actual sustained community. Additionally, discontent in the sustained community is more likely to spread towards the non-sustained community than vice-versa.

    I am not saying that the community has a unanimous opinion, but I am saying that there is a very substantial opinion within a very significant portion of the community.
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    Bronze/Silver players represent 83% of the ranked player base. Players who don't play online probably account for something like 80% of sales, and based on the figures I've seen on PA Lobby, somewhere between 50-75% of the players online at any one time. So if community means a very small clique of players... it'd still be wrong because I'd be among that number and no one asked me what I think, so they'd struggle to represent my view, thus indicating that anyone claiming to speak on behalf of the community, or about the community, is talking nonsense.

    I don't understand why people choose to sink their arguments in this way by trying to make them sound grander than they are. You and your mates dislike something that happened. Fine. Put forward your case. But don't try and make out that it's more than what it is. Doing so only makes it appear like your case didn't have enough merit to be worth listening to which is why you try to aggrandise in terms like "This situation, though justified, has taken a toll on both the community and PA Inc" and "The recent tensions in the community". Urgh.
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    @Quitch, I've read through the op and all points made seem reasonable and well thought out. It strikes me as a pretty constructive set of ideas on ways to clarify the rules.
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    "There's a lot of ambiguity surrounding which people have which roles in PA Inc, and a lot of us are unsure if you're an employee/spokesperson/representative of PA Inc or just a completely unaffiliated player. Are you an employee/representative/spokesperson for PA Inc? Is your stance the stance o

    but the captcha isn't working for several of us

    I think they disabled posting"

    --Potato Man
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    Posting this on behalf of johndotsun, who cannot post, for some reason:

    edit: haha, bill beat me to it
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    > sarcasm, visual metaphor or analogical juxtaposition?
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    Hi All,

    Recently Nimzodragonlord and I had the chance to further discuss the proposal stated earlier in the forum thread.

    There is always room for improvement when it comes to how infractions are handled. The proposal does contain good content to consider and we will further discuss this internally. Whilst I cannot guarantee that you will see immediate changes or that everything listed will be adapted, we will be going over this.

    Please note that in the history of pa we have had 5 full bans in the last 90 days (Although this is not including discord bans for posting inappropriate continent). Regarding the recent 3 these will not be overturned for a variety of reasons of which I can agree with. (Won’t elaborate further for the sake of their privacy).

    As usual if you have any grievances with a moderating decision feel free to message one of us and have a reasonable discussion. Note that direct or indirect threats following discussion of a moderation action will be met with penalties.

    One thing I do agree with is that temp bans should be made clearer.

    I may as well bring this up here as too, I’ve been seeing a lot of people being temp muted for inappropriate names in the PA in game chat. Currently there is no notification for this I believe so this is something to consider (For situations beyond what I just mentioned as well). If you do have an inappropriate name in PA and have noticed that you are muted then you know what to do.

    As it stands the rules are set up the way they are for a good reason (although they may not seem obvious to individuals outside the mod team at first). This does not mean that they are not subject to change though.

    A strike system is a good idea and something that I am somewhat in agreeance with although this is not practical in all situations.

    In summary we will consider all that has been proposed. The full non-temp bans recently were the result of the users carrying on in a particular manner, so they will not be unbanned. If you ever receive a temporary ban I implore you to keep a level head and contact one of the mod team if you have any questions.

    - Nic
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