Proposal: Reduced commander effectiveness against passing enemy air

Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by endless24, January 21, 2015.

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    Sup. So I'd like to get some community views on an idea: making it easier to avoid losing an air unit that is passing within range of an enemy commander, but not moving onto that commander. To be clearer: my proposed change would make the commander's anti-air ineffective or even useless against enemy air except units that pass directly overhead, e.g. bombers attacking the commander or units adjacent to the commander.
    For my part, I feel that allowing the commander an anti-air attack is a good idea for preventing bombers being an unreasonable threat to the commander, but that the commander's anti-air in its current form makes cost-efficient scouting and harassment in the general vicinity of the commander unreasonably difficult.

    The changes:
    -Reduce maximum velocity of the commander's anti-air missiles
    -Reduce turn speed (i.e. maximum angular velocity) of the commander's anti-air missiles
    -Reduce time-to-live of the commander's anti-air missiles (i.e. they expire and disappear sooner)

    These changes would ideally cause a missile to expire against a target that is passing tangential to the commander's anti-air radius, but to hit against a target that is passing very close to the enemy commander. It would therefore also avoid reducing the anti-air weapon's effectiveness against bombers attacking the commander, as they would still be hit before getting within range to drop their bombs.
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    I agree
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    you are saying its hard to scout around the com? 3 clicks is all that's needed.
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    I don't think commander aa makes scouting hard either.

    Use a firefly if you're concerned about losing your thing. If you insist on using hummingbird, then be prepared to micro it properly and use some player judgement about where the commander is likely to be based on the buildings you are seeing.

    Commander aa power is necessary because of the 3k starting energy we have. The historical reason for why it's in the game is because air rushing would be way too effective.
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    I'm glad you didn't propose reducing range - that'd be tantamount to a big red button saying "BUILD BOMBERS!". A subtle shift like this might not hurt, but it's worth noting that Fireflies are cheap as hell.

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