Proposal: Orbital Afterburners

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by tohron, August 18, 2014.

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    Right now, orbital play involves a lot of waiting. After you start sending units to a planet, you have to wait several minutes for them to arrive, and in the meantime, there might be nothing to do but keep queuing up power and making sure you've got good mixes of units rallied behind your teleporters. Hence, my idea:

    The Orbital Afterburner could be implemented as a unit behavior that could be toggled on and off for orbital units (in the same UI area as the energy usage toggle). When on, the orbital unit would move about 5x faster between celestial bodies, but consume around 5K power/second while doing so.

    Thus, the mobility of your orbital forces becomes tied to your energy income - a strike at your opponent's energy plants makes their orbital units slower to respond, and there's always a reason to build more power. Another side effect would be increasing the strategic value of gas giants - since holding one lets you generate lots of power, it would allow you to support large numbers of afterburning orbital units.

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    Some kind of warp engines which speed up on your energy supply might be nice. But I doubt these things will change before release.
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    Maybe an orbital building that fires them out of a planets orbit at a greater speed which decreases the amount of time it takes for them to travel.

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