Petition to make Repair work like Reclaim

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    (I may be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure that this is how things currently work)

    Cost of repairing a unit from the wreckage threshold to 100% = build_metal_cost

    Cost of reclaiming a unit from 100% to the wreckage threshold = build_metal_cost * (1 / (1 + wreckage_health_frac)).

    wreckage_health_frac is a value between 0.0 and 1.0. It is generally 1.0 for most buildings, 0.7 for ground units, 0.0 for naval, air, orbital, and some exceptions (mine, wall). The Zeus seems to be unique in having a wreckage_health_frac of 0.5.

    I am proposing that the repair cost also use the same formula as reclaiming.


    Why this matters:
    Units have two health bars, the wreckage health bar and the functional health bar. A unit takes damage from the functional health bar first, and upon reaching 0% functional health, turns into wreckage, and begins taking damage from the wreckage health bar next.

    Imagine a perfect world, where wreckage always goes undamaged (it does not) and everyone always reclaims every unit that they lose, but not their opponent's units (this does not happen either, lol). Then:
    When you build a Leveller, you pay 800 metal upfront. ~470 of that metal goes to the functional Leveller. The other ~330 metal is a "deposit" that can be gotten back by reclaiming the unit's wreckage from 100% wreckage health down to 0% wreckage health. Alternatively, one can reclaim the whole unit, from 100% functional health down to 0% wreckage health, and take back 800 metal in the process.

    What happens when you repair a 50% functional health Leveller back to 100% functional health ? You spend another 400 metal in the current system. If you then reclaim the unit back from 100% to 50%, you will only take back ~235 metal. What happened to that other 165 metal that you spent? Oh, it's gone.

    When you repair a unit, you are only repairing the functional health bar, but are charged at the same rate that it would cost to fill up both the wreckage and functional health bars. For factories, this means you are paying 2x more than you should be, and for units, this means that you are paying 1.7x more than you should be.

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    I've honestly always thought it odd that repair isn't more efficient than fresh builds. It kinda goes against the game's ethos of disposable units for sure, but I'm kinda sad there's not more benefit to peeling your 10% health Zeus successfully.
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    I disagree to be honest. The way pa is currently played it seems broken but I think thr meta is slowly switching to cfs in armies. More kiting at higher levels with gil e play. More kiting means your forward blobs are in forward kiting positions for longer. Metal out on the field is better than in a factory q back in your base.

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