Petition to change the t1 defense turret

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  1. ace902902

    ace902902 Active Member

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    This is a petition to change the t1 defense turret to a rapid fire, anti bot/skitter weapon. With a rate of fire and turret turn speed increase, but only enough damage to destroy a dox in 2 shots, it would make a wonderful little Gatling turret. A slight reduction in height and health would probably be good as well. The range would stay about the same (maybe a bit shorter) and make it vulnerable to tanks as they would have too much health/armor. It would help greatly in specializing turrets. As well if we go through with this change, I propose that we reduce the health and cost of the double barreled laser tower to take the place of the single laser tower.
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  2. lazeruski

    lazeruski Active Member

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    It could be interesting, but then you would categorize bots as T1 and Tanks as T1.5
    So like you said, the Dual Turret would then also need a rework, maybe through making it buildable from the beginning too, reducing its rof but increasing the damage per hit.
    Then we would have one Turret against Bots, one against Tanks and one against Air - like it is in any other strategy game with Infantery, Tanks and Airforce

    Then again...what would happen to the current T2 turret? change it to be effective against both?
    One possible thing i could imagine there could be some kind of "railgun" that pierces through enemies to hit multiple ones at a time - so it would be effective against large masses of bots and at the same time against strong tanks.

    As a purely cosmetic choice i would also like it.
    I liked the Supreme Commander designs where they were cleary different from eachother and also acted different.
  3. igncom1

    igncom1 Post Master General

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    TA had the LLT for anti raider work (Although it was kinda pants) and the GAAT laser for main defence, having the main defence laser form engineers I don't feel is much of a problem.

    Although in TA you would only build missile towers, but that is #justTAproblems.
  4. cdrkf

    cdrkf Post Master General

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    I like the idea, though I think a little too complex.

    All that needs to be done is:

    1: Reduce damage per shot to 50% what it is now.
    2: Increase fire rate to 2x what it is now.

    That makes the turret much better as an anti swarm units (especially against dox and booms) whilst maintaining it's current cost and ability against tanks.

    @tvinita something you could maybe test in PTE? :)
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  5. TheFinitePeach

    TheFinitePeach New Member

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    Maybe also a slight turn speed increase as well
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  6. elodea

    elodea Post Master General

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    It could cost less and turn faster
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  7. Alpha2546

    Alpha2546 Post Master General

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    I really like the turning faster idea!

    T1 turrets definately need somekind of a buff somewhere
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  8. kayonsmit101

    kayonsmit101 Active Member

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    Why do we even need three different laser turrets?
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  9. doomrater

    doomrater Active Member

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    The problem as it currently stands is that building turrets in response to blobs seen on T1 radar is too effective a strategy. At least this way, if you build the wrong turret in response to the blob because you didn't physically scout the blob, you will lose.
  10. nateious

    nateious Active Member

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    I've said this very thing a few times before. The only thing that also might make sense is an increase of turret turn speed.
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  11. MrTBSC

    MrTBSC Post Master General

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    more like
    double laser: standart defense
    single laser :longer range high alpha low rate of fire

    triple laser : gattling but with bursts
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  12. LoftyBunny

    LoftyBunny New Member

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    I don't want to show my ignorance here as I've not tried using the single-barrelled ones - maybe they have some advantage but it seems less hassle to wait for dual-barrelled, unless the single ones do something a bit different. I assumed they were identical except for firing only a single shot which seems like a waste of time and build-space. I would just allow the commander to build the doubles as well (if the singles do have a niche use), or modify them so they do/just ditch them completely, which seems to be the consensus in this thread. Not sure about the exact mechanisms if they were kept but some good ideas on here. :)
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  13. radongog

    radongog Well-Known Member

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    What I like about the current concept of the laser turrets is that they feel very "grippy", if you get what I mean---just like you´d be adding more lasers on an already existing structure.
    Letdown of the current concept clearly is that Tier I and Tier II are useless once you reach Tier III... (which isn´t the case for Tier I AA or Tier I Art) yep, it needs rework!
  14. thetrophysystem

    thetrophysystem Post Master General

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    Total Redux was an old mod of mine, that originally made bots and vehicles very different, in cost per health and power, bots were always mass producable and fast, but 1 hit health and slightly less damage per unit and lower range, and vehicles cost more and were slower but had 3 health per 1 metal and did more damage per unit and slightly longer range.

    The Dox did 10 damage and 2 shots a second and 40 health, the grenadier did 80 damage and a shot every 3 seconds, the skitter was the "light attack buggy" and did 20 damage every 1.5 shot a second and had 150 health for 120 metal, and the bolo/ant/whatever was 480 health and 160 damage and a shot every 3 seconds.

    Likewise, the single laser turret was 10 more than tank range, 1 shot every 3 seconds and did 240 damage with 5x health per metal (200 cost and 1000 health), and the double laser turret was equal to tank range, 2 shots every 1 second and did 20 damage a shot, and had same cost and health.

    Now, the t3 turret was an area insurance turret. It cost 2000 for 3000 health, 180 damage and 3 shots a second, and had a range of 150.

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