Permanent FPS drop.

Discussion in 'Support!' started by raybrird9, August 12, 2017.

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    Yesterday I went to stream PA Titans on twitch. However, it caused an immense FPS drop and so I ended the broadcast but the low FPS issue continued. I noticed that the UI was having a significant impact on my CPU and I tried many things to fix it such as making sure everything was using my dedicated GPU (GTX 1060) but that still did not fix it. I ended up wiping my computer to see if that would work and when I loaded the game back up I still got the steady 15 FPS in the menus and in-game, it was worse.
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    What do you mean by wiping your computer? As in reinstalling the entire OS?

    In any case, some programs are known to cause issues, you can see the list here:
    There is also a clean boot option at the end that you may want to try.

    If that doesn't work, could you upload your DxDiag and some PA logs? Details on where to find those are here:

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