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    Apologies for the lack of notice, I only just realized I had been accidentally muted.

    The following contributions made by mikeyh:

    Reworked replay_loading to support server mods in replays and saved games (first pass):

    - added pageSubTitle for detailed status
    - added gameModIdentifiers for server mods used in replay
    - added mods_info handler hook for community mods to load companion mods
    - added downloading_mod_data handler to show downloading server mods status
    - removed unused request_config and mod_msg_sv_ccl_set_replay_config handlers
    - added busy animation in connect_to_game
    - reworked sequence of events to support server mods in replays and saved games:
    -- wait for replay to fully load with server mods info
    -- process replay config
    -- wait for client to connect and send first heartbeat from replay_loading
    -- send mods info to client
    -- wait for send_mods request from client (allows client to mount missing companion mods)
    -- send mods to client with downloadModsFromServer
    -- wait for mod_data received
    -- send any cooked files to memory mount
    -- wait for memory_files_received
    -- generate armies
    -- create sim from replay
    -- move to playing state
    - added mods_info client message sent when replay is fully loaded and client sends heartbeat from replay_loading
    - added send_mods handler when client is ready to download server mods and any cooked files
    - added mod_data_received handler when server mods have been download and mounted on client

    Added metal spots count to planets in live game

    - added display of metal spots count to tooltip in planets summary
    - reduced size of planets summary tooltip to minimise overlap with preview
    - added metal spots count to planet list with localised metal tooltip
    - reduced height of planets list for large systems with many planets
    - exposed PlanetModel for modding
    - exposed planetThrusterString for modding

    Fixed look at player for spectators, minor focus issues and added right click for PIP:

    - fixed missing look at player for spectators
    - added right click show in PIP using lookAtPlayerIfKnownInPIP
    - changed track commander to use new track_commander handler in live game
    - added right click to track commander in PIP
    - added track_commander handler and trackCommander with optional holodeck to live game
    - added primary holodeck focus when handling planet clicks in live game
    - added primary holodeck focus when selecting sun in live game
    - added primary holodeck focus on commander spawn in live game
    - added updating of existing game options so observables can be used by mods in live game
    - tweaked showAlertPreview to support multiple PIPs

    Added additional planet info to selected system in new game lobby:

    - fixed and deleted old lobbyId observable in new_game
    - added planet radius, metal / custom metal, custom landing and custom csg in a tooltip
    - added planetTooltip for modding
    - added halleys required icon
    - exposed process system for modding
    - exposed processSystemPlayersText for modding
    - exposed processSystemPlayersCSS for modding
    - fixed editable econ rate for players
    - added highlight to econ rate when not 1.0

    Fixed fix for can't join empty slot issue
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    Removal of scenario_demo_mode aka PAX Prime Mode stock mod. Its causes a lot of frustration and rage quits.:)
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    One suggestion for default planet in lobby - perhaps have it based on frequency of play or an option to select a default one? I dont like loading into a lobby which tries to auto-load PAX or Bedlam :s Just wastes time loading and effectively freezing the game while it does so.
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    Does anyone know if the orbital and interplanetary radar/vision are still two separate vision settings in the unit json? I remember it was finally switched to that a good while back, but I think it may have been switched back to being one thing again, and I'm not sure where it stands atm (not really enough time for me to test atm unfortunately). If it has been reverted to where providing a unit interplanetary radar gives them full orbital view of all planets, could that please be split into two separate vision settings?
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    Lets hope that fix fixing the empty slot joining was the last fix that needed fixing with a fix. Thats more than enough fixing of fixes. Fix.

    Anyhow, very impressive patchnotes, so much goodness for modders.
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    Until that changes I recommend the No Default System mod.
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    Would be nice with a "New mods" tab under the Community mods section :)
    Also would like as mentioned, that you can choose a default system in game lobby or not loading a system at all.
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    The default sort order is last updated, so new mods tend to be near the top.
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    any news on stable?
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    lolz, No new commanders.

    Its been ages since any new commanders were uploaded. Wtf is going on there? >-<
  11. Killerkiwijuice

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    They stopped making commanders?
  12. Quitch

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    But they've added the ability for modders to add new ones, functionality that mods like Legion Expansion use.
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    Specially cause those were a waste of resources. I canĀ“t even...
  14. brandonpotter

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    I seriously doubt that.... They still have to do all those Kickstarter Commanders dont they?
  15. Killerkiwijuice

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    what lol

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