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    I am very new to PA Titans and was wondering whether or not someone could help me out with a guide for beginners? I have looked a lot on YouTube and the forums but couldn't find any... ):

    Either way, Thank You for anyone who can find one.
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    New to PA: Titans specifically? That is, coming from PA: Classic?
    Or just new to PA in general?

    There are quite a few good video for the original PA here:
    Those still apply to PA: Titans as well.

    And for the new units in Titans, Marshall gives a good overview here:

    And elodea made a nice tutorial for PA: Titans here:
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    I come from SUP COM 1 & 2. I have watched Marshalls overview, but could really do with some kind of mechanics guide. Thanks for the links thus far given though (;
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    Well what exactly would you like to know? If you know supcom 1 and 2 you should know the basics of playing (although I'd say that PA is more Total Annihilation in play style than Sup Com).

    The main things to remember with PA:
    1: T1 is powerful and your core army throughout the game, so it's less critical to tech up quickly than it is in SupCom.

    2: Expand expand expand, and then expand some more. Every game you play your aim should be to control *every* metal point on the planet your on, and then get *every metal point* on any other planets in the system, ideally including your opponents metal.

    3: Raid, like in TA small groups of T1 can be a real pain (especially cheap fast units like the DOX). You want to try and contain your opponent by strategically placing units in places they're likely going to be expanding to, that way killing any unguarded fabbers and otherwise forcing them to requeue their expansions.

    4: Use the terrain to your advantage- the spherical maps make it hard to defend so if they create a 'front line' the best option is simply go around it. If there is lava or water creating a 'safe' part of their base, sneak in with hover tanks (or if it's water a well placed destroyer is devastating). Also a few well placed turrets at a choke point can be great if you can goad your opponent into chasing your units into a trap.

    5: Don't forget air, whilst you can go mainly tanks or mainly bots for your ground forces, Air (especially on big maps) is very important due to it's speed. Punish them for not building aa in their expansions!

    6: Use orbital, if your playing a multi planet map, being quick to get into orbit and expand to another planet can give you a massive advantage. This is very effective in FFA games.

    7: Don't be afraid to use your commander offensively if your pinned into a corner. Whilst your com in vulnerable late game he's damned strong against T1 (just keep him safe from boom bots!). The com is best used for building factories if your free to expand, but if you get penned into a small area with few mex far better to push forward with your commander + units.

    8: Don't assist factories (generally anyway) as factories are much more efficient builders than fabbers, and they're quite cheap compared to SupCom. If you have spare metal income, better to make another factory than assist. Assisting buildings on the other hand is very good.
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