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    After a break of a few months i got back into PA, and so far it has been fun, but i am constantly plagued by crashes midgame. I am running a fresh and up to date install of OpenSuse Leap 15, and looking through the game logs, over the last 5 days, the game stopped normally 12 times and crashed 13 times.

    One line that i saw in every single log that ended before crashing was
    [13:04:46.529] INFO [COUI] PID: 9964 | 9964 21:04:46.516433 [9964:9964:ERROR:(0)] Not implemented reached in void content::GpuVideoDecodeAccelerator::Initialize(media::VideoCodecProfile, IPC::Message*)HW video decode acceleration not available.
    However i see this in many other normal logs so i dont think that it is an important info message, but i do see it consistantly before the logs ending.

    I'll include some of the log files that look like game crashes to me

    The more important specs of my computer:
    RX 580 4GB
    Ryzen 5 2600
    20 gb of ram

    While playing PA, all the PA processes don't combine to more than 10 GB of ram usage or so.

    Thank you for your time, and i hope this can be resolved quickly.

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