PA 10th video contest! 8/10-8/26

Discussion in 'Videos And Replays!' started by mkrater, August 10, 2015.

  1. mkrater

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    Hello all, and welcome to the next video contest!

    We'll be tallying up votes and picking winners on August 26th, 2015, so get those videos posted! :D

    The rules are:
    Post a video you think is awesome about PA
    You may repost non-winning videos from previous contests for another shot
    You can post multiple videos, however each video should have their own post
    Vote on videos you like by "liking" them
    I, mkrater, will tally up votes on Wednesday, August 26th to post the top 3 winners to the Main Menu in game for the month of September. :D
    Good luck to everyone, and really looking forward to seeing the videos!

    Last contest's winners were:

    1st place: @skylightnl

    And tied for 2nd were 4 different videos!



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  2. andreasgg

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    All I'll say is 1.1x eco vs 5x eco in a 5v5.
    The rest must be seen...
    Hope you enjoy one of the craziest games ever

  3. wpmarshall

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  4. Vazok

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    Hi! I just find this open contest and I have done just today a video on Planetary Annihilation so I think it will be fun to try to partecipate!

    Hope you enjoy =)
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  5. mkrater

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    Thanks for submitting and voting on your favorite PA videos!

    And the winners this month are........

    1st place: @wpmarshall

    2nd place: @andreasurne

    3rd place: @Vazok

    Didn't get to post your video in time? No worries! We'll do this again at the end of the month for our October featured videos. So keep finding those cool PA videos and check back with us! :)
  6. avatar100400

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    I think Vazok deserved first place for that Cinematic but sadly
    PA its a popularity content :p
    Oh and its funny that the 3 winners are the only videos submitted haha.

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