Orbital Fabbers push Building SSX out of Factory

Discussion in 'Support!' started by tohron, October 17, 2014.

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    It seems the pushing constructing units bug hasn't entirely been quashed.

    This bug happened in the course of seeing whether I could use the AI's ignorance of gas giants to beat a 160% econ Absurd AI (answer: easily). Anyway, I had a orbital factory building orbital fabbers, rallied to assist another orbital factory building SSX. Thing is, the fabbers that were rallied to assist pushed the SSX-in-construction out of the factory. Once I gave them a direct order to assist the SSX factory, they stopped pushing the SSX.

    I don't have a replay since it was an offline game, but the bug should be easy to reproduce.
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    Ya, that seems to happen to me alot. the units in the orbital factory dont like to stay put ._,
  3. toric55

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    same here. its not jstu ssx, but all orbital. i think i may have seen naval do it too, but I'm not sure.

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