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    There are some games that have backdrops of entire solar systems. It would be cool to have those as special maps in Planetary Annihilation. There is offcourse the licensing as the systems probablyare part of their respective games IP but it could be cool way to cooperate and crosspromote games?

    Kerbal Space Program and Kerbol. Many planets with canon geometry, almost ready made map. Just need to come to a consensus what kind of roundings are okay to fit to maps into PA shape.

    Achron and the Remnant system. Definite planets with no cannon geometry with some canon sites.

    EVE online. Plenty of canon planets with vague geometry. Picking up a representative system might be tough.

    Planetside 2. 3 Canon large swaths with canon planet names but no canon orbit configuration + filler geometry migth need to be provided.

    Even if no official systems are made someones might do a suspiciously similar systems. What system you want to see in PA?
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    The Kerbal system would be a lot of fun. A lot of people are really hoping to get a map editor that lets us do things like that.
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    EVE is a pretty bad one to copy from. You have a massive pool to draw from, but no planet or system is impressive with regards to terrestrial gameplay.
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    Think of setting up a base on Eve!

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