Nuclear Submarines / "Strategic Missile Sub"

Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by skyfe5000, April 5, 2020.

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    Hi guys-- has anyone considered working on a nuke-launching sub? Submarine nukes were one of my favorite game-enders in Sup-com, and I think they would add an interesting dynamic to make navies even more terrifying.

    (That and the submersible "Atlantis" carrier were my favorites, although I agree with PA's analysis that carriers don't really accomplish as much as you would think, hence the shift to drone carrier).

    Any thoughts on balance? They are supposed to be useful for surprise attacks and add a different dynamic to fixed launchers, so I think the key would be to speed up the launch dynamics so the enemy has less time to respond, although I think it would be overpowered if they were not targetable by anti-nukes. I would suggest that they fire up to two missiles at once, in an accelerated launch animation--giving some ability to launch a surprise attack, which was the fun part--and that they can shoot from underwater and even target offworld targets--to justify the large cost--but that otherwise the nukes are identical/slightly weaker to the ones already in game.

    Has anyone seen any development for this start anywhere? It's been 10-15 years since I was involved in coding a mod (Unreal tournament 2004, anyone?), at this point I'm old and somewhat useless, but given our quarantine I'm happy to try and learn and happy to contribute to Kickstarters as well.
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    Most of the discussions have moved to the official PA Discord chat -

    I invite you to bring this up in the #modding room
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    What a brilliant idea!

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