No reconnect after crash ranked game.

Discussion in 'Support!' started by rivii, December 3, 2018.

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    Title says it all. Is it common? Quite frustrating tbh. especially when you were winning a match :/
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    Haven't encountered this myself, but you could try downloading the "connect buttons" mod.
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    Happens all the time, across PCs and locations. I heard it had something to do with cover the line, but from what mikeyh, Quitch and pretty much everyone else has told me, its usually either drivers, mods, or internet stability that messes thigns up. Ive encountered 6 general types of bugs and resolved 3 of them:

    1.Upon landing or reconnecting commander and all units/icons are missing/ there is no control/vision over them.
    2.Game freezes (you can still pan around the planet and select units but they wont move, timer stops, units are stuck in their own animations) -> if it lasts less than 20 seconds there is a chance that it will resume and you will just have idled for a while. if more, you need to restart the game to fix it. In my experienced its caused by poor internet connection especially if you are playing on Wi-Fi
    3. Game becomes temporarily unresponsive (white shade) and either crashes or resumes. Full screen seems to lessen that one, also getting a better GPU
    4. Game crashes your OS and gives you the blue screen of death. Your hard drive is probably busted anyway.
    5. Units spawn but there are no strategic icons. This hasn't happened in a while but it used to be caused by old NVIDIA graphics drivers or client mods.
    6. Micro freezes for 2-10 seconds especially when you give simultaneous commands fall under 2 but i found that avoiding cover the line and other command altering mods like the energy control one and the ubermap pretty much resolve this
    All those happen in custom and ranked games, but for seem to be more prevalent in ranked (probably because thats what i mostly play during busy hours)

    Most of this is just educated guesses based on my experience and trial and error, hope at least some of it is useful

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