Nimzo's Competitive 2v2 Tournament

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    Nimzo’s Competitive 2v2 Tournament – October 5th at 18:00 UTC

    New units! New balance! Optimization! With so much exciting development happening in PA, it’s about time to showcase the players. And what better format than a tournament? Unlike my casual 1v1 tourney, this one is open to all skill levels. Bronze to uber players, and even those who are unranked, are all welcome to join this tourney. Don’t feel comfortable playing all on your lonesome? No worries! Teams of two will fight together to the end. So whether you’ve been here since alpha or you’ve never played a tournament before, come join the excitement of this event!

    Format: Single Elimination (Knockout) Tournament; teams of 2 players will register prior to the tourney and participate together in each round. Shared armies will be enabled!

    Date/Time: October 5th at 18:00 UTC (14:00 EDT)

    Expected Run Time: 3-4 hours

    Required Mods: Grand Homie, Pwn4Two, Marshall, TheEffectTheCause, and Exodus Esports map packs; and Superstats (this one makes games a lot easier to tally). All mods are available via the community mods menu.

    Maps: Will be announced 24 hours before tourney.

    Sign-Ups: Sign ups are located here (click on it) in the official PA Discord in the #tournament-signup channel. Teams must be formed prior to the tourney sign-up deadline (1 hour before the event begins). Please sign up in the following format:


    Check-in will begin 30 minutes before the start of the tournament.

    Rules: All participants will be expected to abide by the rules set by the Community Rules and Guidelines.

    Even if you won't be able to participate, don't miss out on the action! WPMarshall will be casting on Twitch at Who knows... maybe you will have a chance to play in a big 2 player team FFA after the winners are announced!
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    Looking forward to casting again!
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    24 Hour Update!

    Map Pool:

    1st Round ( if needed) - Incontrovertible (Exodus Esports Map Pack)
    2nd Round - Lo Wang (TheEffectTheCause's Map Pack)
    3rd Round (Semi-finals) - Jakku (Grand Homie's Map Pack)
    Bronze Match - Locket 2v2 NS (Clan ICARUS Map Pacl)
    Final Match - Iron Ball (flubb's Tremendous Map Pack)


    Be sure to be online 30 minutes before the tournament starts so you can get signed in. When the match-ups are announced, contact the other team and determine a host. When hosting be sure to make the game PUBLIC and please use the following format for naming your games (for Marshii's sake):

    "2v2 Tournament Game #" (with # being the game number as shown on Challonge).

    When a match has finished, please report the result in the sign-ups channel in the Discord. The tourney will proceed 1 round at a time, so please wait for a start signal before starting your games.

    Please stay tuned for any changes and invite your friends: the more, the merrier!

    Oh, and we might have an awesome new logo, courtesy of Nomega :D


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