Nimzo’s Casual 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament – Saturday, August 21st at 18:00 UTC

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    Nimzo’s Casual 1v1 Double Elimination Tournament – Saturday, August 21st at 18:00 UTC

    Welcome to the second edition of my casual tournament series! The last time we had one of these was over two years ago, so don’t miss this chance to get involved. And from the participants of the last tournament, we had not one, but TWO players graduate from bottom of the barrel silver to platinum and beyond. So come witness the latent talent of the casual community,

    As this is a casual tournament, entry will be limited to those ranked gold or below. That rank cap applies to past seasons as well; we don’t need any tryhards ruining the fun! The double elimination format will also give everyone the chance to play at least 2 games.

    Format: Double Elimination
    Date/Time: Saturday, August 21st at 18:00 UTC
    Expected run time: ~3 hours
    Maps: District, Hopper, Aquilaris, PAX Frontier, Lost Temple, Forge

    If you can't play in the tournament yourself, don’t miss out on the action! You can still watch the tournament live casted by me on my Twitch channel at:

    Sign up here ( Those playing in the tournament will need to check in 30 minutes early in Discord. All participants are expected to abide by PA's Community Rules and Guidelines.

    Who will be crowned the best casual in PA? Come find out on the 21st!

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