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    Hello, my fellow low-skilled players. I am here to create the Newb Improvement Front, a group dedicated to increasing your skill at PA. I do not learn well because i have ADHD and slow cognition, among other things. This makes it very difficult for me to learn and glean information from others and concentrate. I get caught up in irrelevant tasks that impairs my learning. The NIF seeks to offset this. To other players having trouble learning, we will shares tips, skills, and any scrap of info related to the art of PA. I will dump some useful stuff i know:


    None. Why is there a blacklist for links?!


    Metal clumped together, no obstacles, go land.

    Metal dispersed, no obstacles, go bots.

    Metal dispersed, obstacles, go air.

    Metal clumped together, obstacles, go land and bot.

    Secure all chokepoints.

    Be the NSA.

    Take enemy fabbers down over all else if you spot them. Especially the commander if he's not defended, and if you have the firepower (Inferno's kill the commander really well.)

    When getting a raid to the enemy, i prefer using a 1:2 ratio of Bolos/ants and Infernos, with some AA if they have air. Scale your AA to their airforce, so that you can get the most deathmachines. The infernos will shield the bolos/ants/whatever from fire, and allow them to shoot everything without being killed.


    AA - Anti-air

    Mexpoint - Metal spot.

    Fabber - Units that build stuff.

    Turtling - Sitting inside your base, not expanding and doing nothing. You will lose if you do this.

    ...Nothing else i know of.

    I also hope somebody could tell me whether or not i can have my name changed. I didn't pick it, it was randomly generated.

    If i may seem like i'm taking this seriously, it's because i tend to do that.

    Also, our flag, for purposes and reasons.

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    Aw this is super cute, if you guys ever need help with training... not that i'm any good but ^^

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