New Builds Are Really Buggy

Discussion in 'Support!' started by bostonjordan515, March 10, 2019.

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    Ok - I have loaded the new drivers, updated all the windows software etc. And the game continues to freeze and then crash - 6 times over past three days. What is going on ? This didnt happen until this week. Running NVIDIA - it crashed before and after updating drivers - and it crashed using stable build (after the update) as well as the modern-pte.

    Love this game - just frustrated. Nothing like really getting into a game for an hour or so - and then collapsing.

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    A couple of things you can do:

    Make sure you are using the modern build
    Clear your download cache -
    Check for Windows incompatible software

    If you still have troubles you'll need to open a new ticket and include a full set of logs

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