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Discussion in 'Support!' started by knightig, February 25, 2017.

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    When i start generating planets that a more than 5 in a lobby my game freezes and i dont can do anything
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    the game going slow on planet generation is known- the planet generation uses *all* cores in your machine- and depending on the size / number of planets also can use a lot of ram.

    If you run out of ram while generating planets that would make it very slow (as game has to use the main disk instead which is much slower).

    Any chance you can post a DXDIAG report so I can see your system details? For reference it's recommended to have 16gb of ram to play on very large maps. The game runs fine with 8gb but you will have to keep number of planets low or control the type of planets used (asteroids don't use too much memory, neither do gas giants, planets with lots of water or lots of trees are the worst).

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