My silly fan fiction briefing for the first mission of a PA with a single player campaign.

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    Warning: file "current_time" exceeds 98% of total storage
    Warning: file "current_time" exceeds 99% of total storage
    Warning: file "current_time" exceeds 100% of total storage
    War__ng: f "current_time" ex_____s 001% of all drive_knowledge

    Exception thrown: "I'm sorry."

    Copyright: 1997-2192
    Production version: 2.02
    Build 0001

    Testing system memory
    Memory size = 2^128 bytes
    Extended memory test passed
    Cache test passed
    Checksum test passed

    Checking for updates...
    No updates found

    Mass stream: Online
    Energy generation: 20 GW (nominal)
    Objective: Not found

    "Run self analytics."

    Safe memory has be filled to completion with a single number. Digits of the number continue in fragments overriding permission one and lesser core systems, update storage partitions, and unused file headers. The number is consistent with estimated clock time value after 10^15 years of full processing. Possible causes: end result of completed function, unintentional unsafe loop, viral code injection, ect. [See generated file 001.txt(94MB) for complete list]

    Drivers for several unexpected peripherals have been encountered and deemed safe. Installing...

    New incoming data inconsistent with previously installed equations in mechanics, chemistry, file_header_error, and physics. Updating models...

    Factory default test items have been found. Collection appears to be primitive designs for self-replication on small (less than 400 ton) scales. Collection includes buildings and semi-autonomous machines. Collection is primarily composed of devices optimized for the disassembly of matter in all forms. Simulating...

    Collection has reached maximum performance (99% confidence) after 46 billion iterations.

    Analytics complete. Time taken: 2.116 seconds

    "Hypothesize origin."

    Insufficient information. Recommendation: Explore surroundings

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