Multiple Monitor Advantage

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Is this a concern?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. I don't know

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  1. laseek

    laseek New Member

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    Mounted on your prescription lenses with one per eye? ;)

    With Google Glass being rootable...
    I wonder how soon into the alpha people will be demo'ing PA with Glass? :D
  2. Pluisjen

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    I'd guess about as much of a concern as people with a regular mouse vs. a professional gaming mouse. Or people with a powerful pc and internet connection vs. people with a budget machine.

    IE; not big enough to worry about.
  3. thetrophysystem

    thetrophysystem Post Master General

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    I don't even see the need in such a large TV to do that. I will probably have 2-3 small screens for viewing and 1 large one for commands, on my 20in monitor. I never really liked huge/multiple televisions anyway.

    Between just something to get a zoomed out view on, and being able to just cycle through some hotkeyed camera angles, you only need 2 windows and 1 monitor upon which to display 2 windows, in order to get 90% effectiveness of the multiple window feature at all.

    1 monitor will be plenty. Just hotkey like 20 camera angles, and when you want to check things galactically, just quickly click hotkeys a-z, and if no enemy colors are near yours and no health bars are decreasing, then nothing is happening inside of said views. You see everything just as fast as you would if you ran your eyes across multiple monitors.
  4. sab0t

    sab0t Member

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    i think i personally would play better with 2 monitors, but i am very accustomed to working on 2+ with lots of frantic back and forth at times. i'm looking forward to it immensely :)
  5. Ortikon

    Ortikon Active Member

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    So I went and tested this out with SupCom for the first time in a year. I almost completely phased out my right side monitor, at one point I sort of jumped "whoa! right, the other monitor is there" and I just left it at full zoomed out as a giant map, and turned off the mini map. I still dont ever use the mini map in SupCom anyways, i always just use the zoom-in-zoom-out which is amazing, dont even need to use arrow keys to navigate the map. I just have to leap frog around.

    Eventually I trained myself into having my commander always in one screen to manage building while my main battlefront is playing on the main screen. Over time I drifted back into one screen again. Maybe this will work better in PA where we are managing multiple planets. This depends on the nature of how galactic war will work and if multiple planets can be fully loaded at one time.
    In the end, I dont see an advantage any deeper than personal preference. I think people are imagining some sort of super human enhancement from having dual monitors. It is not as amazing as you think and really it comes down to good marketing teams making you feel like you need this stuff to win. I use dual monitors for work or having a movie on while playing games etc. The only way this is an advantage on others would be if the player was physically capable of playing each monitor as if he was two people.

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