Multi Login or Multi Instances of PA?

Discussion in 'Support!' started by emarkus, October 6, 2018.

  1. emarkus

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    is it possible to launch PA multiple times?

    for example to stay in lobby while being in map editor?
  2. lulamae

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    If you just wanted to monitor the games browser and chat while editing, I'd log into instead of running multiple logged-in instances of PA
  3. wondible

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    I've run multiple instances, but only when I wanted to play games on both sides. For that I had to use some command line options to select a different profile. I'm not sure if two instances can use the same profile. (Where the default profile is the `localstore` in your PA data directory.) This would not be convenient for the map editor since you probably want to edit maps on your main profile.

    Other things:

    For local things like the map editor, you do not need to login, just leave the username filled in since it is associated with your settings.

    If both instances need to do online things it gets trickier - I know to play games you will need separate accounts (locally you can get away with different names and not logging in), and separate accounts will definitely need separate profiles to run at once.

    Application wise I may at times have used same-version PTE or a separate Steam install. At worst you should be able to just copy the files, or maybe just the exe, to make it different path.
  4. DeathByDenim

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    Yeah, use the option "--localstorageurl somenamehere" when launching multiple instances of PA. Make "somenamehere" unique. Otherwise you have two programs writing to the same files which is never good. It works most of the time, but this has caused issues where the list of maps disappeared for example due to database corruption.
  5. xankar

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    PA doesn't like it when I try to play on more than one smurf account anymore. Feelsbadman.

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