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    PC Product Update 1
    January 26th, 2011

    Fixed some achievements from being awarded at the wrong time or not being awarded at all
    Fix juice "roar" animation not playing on dedicated servers.
    Fixed Several Patcher Issues that caused crashes
    Fixed PhysX version related crash issues
    Fixed ServerBrowser sorting incorrectly disabling servers
    Focus issues in ServerBrowser fixed
    Fixed some map loading problems in different languages
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    PC Product Update 2

    New Features
    Added Retro Pro Gear Skin
    Added Preseason Hero Pro Gear Armor and Protag for players that bought the game during BETA
    added Minimum Number of Players to Start option, set to 1 by default
    First version of Standalone Dedicated Server Files with HLDS integration.

    HldsUpdateTool.exe -command update -game mondaynightcombat -dir INSTALLDIR

    MNCDS comes with a handful of bat files, including a template for customizing your own servers. Server operators need to remember that the ServerInstance must be incremented for each server that is launched. The maximum number of servers supported on a single machine is 15.

    Chat support while waiting to respawn and during end of game
    Server Browser Filter options are now saved to an ini file
    Added Filter Passworded option in Server Browser
    Dedicated Server Window shows name of sever

    General improvements in patching process and fixes to startup issues
    MNC scientists adjusted cloning error that introduced pink eye to Assault and Pit Girl
    Changed Gamertag to Player Name
    Gear material adjustments for burning, cloaking, rezing out
    Clock numbers set to high resolution for legibility
    Mouse scrolling in Server Browser
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    Updates to Monday Night Combat have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted. The major changes include:

    PC Product Update With Love

    New Features
    Added You are My Pitgirl Realtime Music Video for all you dreamers out there
    Added Crimson Gear for all Pros
    Added Broken Heart Headshot Effect for Snipers wearing Crimson Gear
    Added Rose Petal Death Effects for all Pros wearing Crimson Gear
    Players will now earn different Bot Kill Streaks when killing bots without dying in Crossfire matches
    Graphics options have been moved out of HostileEngine. You will still have one more graphics reset with this patch, but all future updates should be reset-free.
    Uber is now shipping a list of banned players. The list has been compiled and vetted by the community and Uber. Individual server admins will now have to remove these player from their HostileAccess.ini file if they wish to allow cheaters on their servers. The default will be to globally ban known cheaters.

    Players no longer receive bonus juice at the start overtime or when they respawn in overtime
    Auto balancing of teams will no longer activate if either Moneyball has its shield down
    Updated Bullseye with festive colors
    Changed Character Select Screen layout and added player names
    Emphasized Locker Room in main menu
    Turned on over head player names during Moneyball finale

    Fixed server name from disappearing on dedicated servers when matches roll over
    Fixed class limits being offset in the server browser
    Fixed class limit lockout issues on character selection
    Fixed Assassins dash becoming unusable
    Fixed Preseason Hero Gear not unlocking for some people
    Fixed end-game chat window getting lost if the scoreboard was already visible
    Fixed controller sensitivity not working at highest and lowest settings
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    PC Product Update 4

    New Features

    Added Dedicated Blitz Servers, commandline and UI support, updated batch files
    Show Ping in Scoreboard
    Show Bot Kills in Scoreboard
    Added ability to rename Custom Classes
    Bullseye has been practicing his Irish jig gearing up for St Pattys

    Beta Gear cutoff time set to 3PM PST to fix unlocking issues
    Network bandwidth optimization
    Performance optimization for low end systems
    Fixed Endorsement draw order in Character Select
    Removed All Player receive Juice in Overtime Protip

    Zoomed Sniper Rifle body shot damage reduced.

    Extended connection time out settings and added more logging features to help connection issues
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    PC Product Update 5 -3/10/11

    This update focuses on the new player experience. With the influx of players coming from PAX East we wanted to make sure that the new Monday Night Combat fans get to play with other new fans without getting rolled over by veterans. With the new All-Star Rating system players will be able to get an idea of their skill level vs the others on their server. The balance adjustments to armor endorsements and the default class changes were aimed at continuing this goal by making the newer players live longer but the veteran players, who are usually armed with custom classes, be more in balance when they use these endorsements.

    New Features
    All-Star Rating System - The All Star system is a system to rate players so that they have more visibility into the overall skill level on each server. The All Star Rating is a continuously adjusting five star rating. Play well, itll go up. Play poorly and itll go down. We will improve the system in future updates as we get feedback and data.
    New Outlander Gear!
    New Penny Arcades Cardboard Tube Samurai Uniform for Assassin!
    New Taunts while wearing Outlander Gear!
    <votekick>: New votekick functionality. A player initiates a vote by typing <votekick PLAYER> in the console. PLAYER can be the player's name or their player number from the <playerlist>. Once a vote is in progress, other players type <vote yes> or <vote no> in the console. If ? of players vote to kick, the player will be removed and not allowed to return for some period of time. The exclusion period increases greatly with each subsequent votekick.

    Fixed issue with grapples after getting knocked into the air
    Fixed rare case of Assassin getting a back grapple when she is actually in front of her target.
    Fixed Ping display in scoreboard
    Dedicated blitz servers immediately end rounds and return to lobby when all players have left the game.

    Reduced the benefits of armor endorsements for Assault, Support, Sniper and Assassin.

    New Game Summary display before the end game scoreboard
    Altered the default Assassin and Sniper builds to include armor endorsements
    Increased the chance of JuiceBot spawning during a game in honor of PAX East

    Dedicated Server
    Dedicated Servers can set the Max Star Rating for the server by adding ?MaxStarRating=[0-4] to the commandline options. This is a zero based index so the actual value is +1 the entry (ie 0 = 1 star)
    Updated ,commandline and UI support, updated batch files to support AllStar Rating
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    PC Product Update 6 -3/25/11

    Todays update focus is two fold. The first is iterating on and pulling back the visibility of the All Star Rating. The All Star Rating system looks at many different aspects of the players play and uses an algorithm to come up with a number that represents their skill level. Its a system that fluctuates over time depending on how you play in every facet of Monday Night Combat. We will continue to improve the system over time. We also wanted to once again show player level and reintroduced that back into the UI.
    Secondly we took aim at some issues surrounding the charge abilities. We fixed several bugs with charge not doing damage, not doing knock-back, or doing knock-back when it shouldnt. We also retuned it so to make the *** ault have to choose whether to use it to get into combat or get out of combat, not both.

    Fixed enemy players being partially immune to head shots while using the turret purchase menu
    Fixed Assassins doing significantly more damage under certain latency situations
    Fixed Assassins doing lunge damage while dead
    Fixed enemy health bars showing while player is under effects of a smoke bomb
    Fixed Assaults Charge not doing proper knock-back if the target is in the air
    Fixed a few instances of the Assaults Charge doing no damage
    Fixed an issue that caused Supports Air Strike to immediately trigger if thrown out of the world
    Fixed an issue that caused players to get knocked back and damaged from charges when they are standing behind the Assault or Tank
    Fixed explosive projectiles sometimes exploding on a client early and in the wrong location
    Fixed issue that could cause dedicated blitz servers to reach an infinitely high round number
    Fixed issue where user may be unable to purchase Juice
    Fixed issue where charges did not deal proper damage and/or knockback
    Fixed exploit allowing users to spam Tanks Deathblossom

    Balance and Adjustments
    Reduced the recovery speed of the Assaults Charge Skill.
    Increased the recovery speed of the Assaults Bomb Skill.
    Normalized the speeds of the Tank and Assault charge
    Players are now awarded less money while juiced
    The Assault Bomb skill no longer recovers while the bomb is in play
    Re-added player levels in the pregame lobby
    Team split will now somewhat use All Star Rating to choose teams
    Removed All Star Rating from the scoreboard
    Enable trilinear filtering on certain texture detail settings
    Undo minor change from previous patch causing charges to feel ineffective in high latency situations
    Voice icon appears on HUD and player names change color when talking
    All Start Rating displays more detail
    Lighting updates on AmmoMule, Grenade III, and LaseRazor Arenas
    Mascot colors changed back to Green and Yellow
    Team split now accounts for All Star Rating

    New Features
    New taunts for all classes while wearing Retro or Beta Gear.
    An extra Gunner taunt with dual minigun for any gear.

    New Issues
    With the recent change in Steams VOIP API we have been having problems with game volume and some Win 7 (and other?) sound settings. If you experience low game volume, please go Control Panel->Sound->Communications and tell Windows NOT to do any muting when it detects communications.
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    omg update 5 killed Super MNC, also funny how the feature was first meant to be in the console, oh, talking about votekick btw. due to the console being copied over to SMNC, you could votekick in SMNC too, but it looks like a broken feature... anyway, it was abused by people rejoining and voting yes infinite amount of times, banning players for about a day...

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