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    Okay i have a question here.

    In multiple occasions when i see enemy's building defences and turtling himself in is see many many missile launcher platfoms.

    When i attack these things kill so few of my units (and not even having sniper bots) before i reach them and clear their base out. Since i see it frequently i ask myself: What is it good for? Against what type of strategy or attack does this work? You can say orbital but umbrella's are way better vs orbital then missiles.

    The bot missile launcher i get he is close enough to actually tade down some units, perhaps even slightly better then artillery does (in an open field). But the missile platform is a complete mystery to me. Why do you people do it and does it ever really made a diffrence?
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    The problem is that they all target the same units, leading to massive overkill. Having one catapult is nice, but making 20 catapults just means that you will launch 20 missiles at the first dox to come into range.
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    For now its only worth to build against tanky orbital battleships or helios. The damage a rocket does is a lot and makes sure those omega's or helios get destroyed quickly.
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    Some catapults can works if enemy use slow t2 veh army like mix Vanguards+Levelers. It could be good support for your army if you need to defend your base.Also catapults is big danger for Titans(especially for Atlas).
    But yes, they suck against tons of units in late game.
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    They hit friggin hard and have incredible range. One of the only effective ground vs ground counters to Kaiju's. To avoid overkill you can place them in a strategic pattern instead of online.
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    Their first mistake was turtling.

    Catapults did work very well against me yesterday in an unranked 1v1. I was pushing with Kaijus and Levelers and got batted down by a wall of missile launchers.

    (Suddenly 100 locusts found my commander. RIP)
  7. huangth

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    Catapults is good to counter slow and expensive targets, such as Leveler and Vanguard.
    In many cases, I think the catapults is better than advanced laser defense tower when dealing with T2 tanks.
    And I feel it is ok to use it to defend the bolo (ant) and inferno.

    Catapults has longer range than Pelter.
    It is quite useful to attack enemy defense by building catapults near them.
    If you don't want to build the Holkins, catapults is much more cheaper.

    Kaiju has longer weapon range than leveler and laser defensive turrets.
    So you can't defend it on land by laser turret.

    However, catapults is countered by dox, boom bot, and sniper bot.
    It is due to low Rof, overkill, and missiles interception.
    Mixing other units or defensive buildings is necessary.

    Bluehawk is another missile launching units.
    Its job is mobile land-to-orbit unit.
    Using other units to absorb the enemy fire, then the bluehawk can take down the enemy anchor.
    In PA:Titan, Artemis is more convenient to clear the anchor when it is far from your base.
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