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Discussion in 'Mac and Linux' started by heper, May 5, 2022.

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    gentoo linux
    intel core i7 940
    16gb ram
    nvidia gtx970

    about a month ago PA stopped functioning. It was working fine the day before - but that day steam-client downloaded an update & the problem started.

    -the game loads to the start-menu.
    - clicking any menu item appears todo nothing.
    - after a couple of minutes the "click" seems to go through and the menu opens.
    - every "click" takes minutes before anything happens
    - mainthread uses around 60% of a core
    - doesn't appear to be anything useful in logs. when starting with the "
    --coherent-log-level DEBUG" option, it seems *something* just is waiting for a timeout and then continueing as normal

    i've tried dozens of command-line options (found
    nothing seems to resolve the problem.

    i've added a new harddrive & installed the latest popOS on it. to my surprise the same problem exists on a new/clean install.

    can anyone provide some clues on howto fix/debug this issue?
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    Best bet is to open a new support ticket and include the latest PA client logs and server logs:

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