Maximum radius of planets? Especially water..

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    The game is looking AWESOME!! And i'm in love with this game since the beginning of the kickstarter, and i really hope that this game becomes the greatest RTS of all time stomping through the monotony of blizzy :cool: and tiny scales of other RTS games. Anyways i should get to my question..

    What would be the maximum radius of planets, especially water planets and the water depth?
    Because the water units look weird and out of proportion on the current planets. They don't seem like they should be there, One would rather dive through the "blob" of water than traverse all way round it. :rolleyes: And to add to this, the curvature of the planets is so high that the battleships look as if they would move tangentially/straight out of the planet lol. So i think the radius of water planets could, and should be big.
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    I agree with what your saying completely, although I don't think there will be any difference in the max size between water planets and other worlds.

    The problem your talking about is really a unit scale issue. It is linked very much to the now slightly old scale thread, where quite a few forum goers voted for a universal reduction in the size of all units.
    For me this reduction in size is the most important for the navy- I despise the fact the battle cruiser- with those HUGE guns, can only shoot less than 3x it's own length. While sup com got lots of things wrong, battle cruiser range always felt right to me. That thing should be able to chuck shells across a map.

    Unfortunately, after feedback from uber- it seems we are unlikely to see a scale change anytime soon, if at all. Long and short of it is, changing the scale means a huge undertaking in the art dept which they don't have the time or resources for right now.
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    I would also love a decrease in the size of units and maybe trees.

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