Looking for mature clan [fr but not only]

Discussion in 'Looking For A Clan' started by Khalys, January 12, 2014.

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    I'm an old player of TA (and all add and mods) Supcom etc : 31years old+ I'm used to be a french guild leader on many games but no one of my guildmates seems to be interrested on RTS for now. I love talking on chat/forum and looking for some new ideas etc.

    I play most of the time around 22h GMT+1 and I'm looking for a mature clan. I'm fr but talk and write a quite understandable english. I had some good base at PA (build order, use some mods like line build and effeciency one) but I'm not at the top yet. So I'm looking for a group of players I can play with regulary and try some build. I do,n't have the time for being a pro player just want to have fun with other players on teamspeak etc

    Thanks for reading me
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    Hi there

    I have quite the same profile except i'm litte older (33+) :)
    If you look for building up a clan for some team armies games I would be interested if our game styles matches.
    As you I'm not a pro gamer and could play only once a week (cause kid and wife :)) between 8pm and midnight CEST (GMT+1)
    If it doesn't we can just train.
    Let me know....

    ps: i'm from FR

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    je me permets de répondre en français... comme j'ai cru comprendre que tu cherchais un clan "fr".

    Ca tombe bien, moi aussi.
    Contact moi , si tu as trouvé qqch ou s'il faut qu'on lance l'affaire nous même.



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