Looking for casual clan in North America that uses voice

Discussion in 'Looking For A Clan' started by coldboot, April 3, 2015.

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    I'm looking for a clan that plays casually, using some sort of voice chat. I love the world's people, just not necessarily their time zone, so I'd prefer North America.

    I'm around 30 years old, live in Toronto and work during the day. I was a Supreme Commander beta tester, played FA for about a year, and have been playing Total Annihilation on-and-off since 1997.

    I'm a pretty decent player, but without any ranked matches, so I only have my subjective opinion.

    My name "coldboot", which is the same in PA and my steam profile.

    Let me know if you're interested and we can play a game some time.

    - coldboot
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    Hey, I think your best bet might be to talk to the Realm guys... they have a fair few USA based members, @burntcustard is probably the man to talk to (a really good players as well).

    You'd be welcome to try some game with Promethean, however we're mainly EU based so probably won't be on at suitable times (we're most active around 8pm UTC time zone). Still if you see any of us in game feel free to PM for a match (if you haven't got it already, you probably should get PA Mod Manager from the modding sub forum, then install as a minimum the PA:Stats Online mod as this records your game stats and gives access to an integrated global chat in game which makes setting games up much easier).
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