Loading a PIP for every single alert is a awful system

Discussion in 'Support!' started by aapl2, May 24, 2014.

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    Look, we need a toggle for this crap i'm tired of having my performance dip because I have to load a whole other instance of the map for every one of these things. It makes trying to move around the map impossible with the mouse wheel There is little to no use for the pip when you hover over it, clicking to jump to that location is helpful but the pip system is unneeded and taxing on the game performance. I doubt this issue will be addressed any time soon and that sucks because it make the game 1000x harder for me to play.
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    100% agree. And you can feel the drain every time it loads it. It's a cool feature but not in it's implementation - not for every alert. Make it something like, right click the alert and it loads a pip!

    Or, seperate the alert from the pip system, and only use these "pip alerts" for high priority things if you want otk eep it. Stuff you'd actually use it for - like commander under attack or something
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