Lets all take a deep breath

Discussion in 'PA: TITANS: General Discussion' started by nosebreaker, June 5, 2018.

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    The Rts community is small and loud.
    How Uber handles this transition will reflect large upon their company.
    Remember the debacle of the too soon announced human resources......... The Community basically killed that game.
    Mistakes have been made so far with the transition of titans and a pretty big one.
    We the community have plenty of time It is our ally, Uber has none.
    lets give them some time to sort out the currant situation like the professionals we fell in love with.
    We trusted them to deliver a full fleshed out, with all promises made game and they delivered that hands down.
    We must remember we are a toxic bunch with far reaching influence.
    Uber is a small company with small staff and budget.
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    I agree and I have big hopes for the future of PA! They communication with us again is already a good sign.
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    Ok, lets take a deep breath and give them time :)
    I think Uberent will be successful!
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    It's still a remarkable engine, even after 4 years, so there's plenty of potential. No reason even to get too specific with one's hopes. Just knowing more effort is coming to the table is exciting without anyone starting to make wishlists. They are a devteam, not Santa, after all.
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    best post i´ve seen for a while .. bless you nosebreaker ..
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