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    I feel like this mod is big enough to deserve it's own balance thread.

    If one exists already I'm sorry, didn't see it.

    To start this thread off let's review the Legion Space Battleship.

    I played a game the other night vs a buddy of mine who really was doing ok.

    I was playing legion, he was not and the game lasted for a while we had all sorts of late stage units he even started building a Ragnarok, I started building the Death star's superweapon. (forgive me I'm not name-savvy)

    the game ended abruptly when he sent 2 space battleships and wiped out what had been until then my superior space force fighter blob.

    I then realized: "ok clearly that's a good unit and to pierce his planetary defense I'll have to get me a couple myself."

    so I set my four space factories to building my own space battleships, the first I'd build in the game and because targets on my planet were gone and I was attempting an incursion on his I thought "why not! throw 'em away for the good cause of having a slight increase in my firepower in the fray"

    ...throw away his whole planet more like.

    these things were unstoppable. one would have been enough. his space turrets array didn't even dent them, the drones they spewed out cleansed everything on the surface in instants.

    I found his commander and quickly ended him.

    And you know what? I gotta say I understood his salt.

    It took me seconds to put this unit up and were I rushing it from the start of the game I can see how I could shorten every game thanks to it.

    I may be out of line here but I think a slight miscalculation may have been made when balancing this unit.

    otherwise great mod, keep it up

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    What size planet were you playing on? There's a fundamental issue with the way PA's engine does surface-to-orbital ranges that means the smaller the planet is, the more advantaged orbital units are when attacking ground units. On larger planets, you'll find that anti-orbital weapons will actually outrange the battleship entirely, making it difficult to use effectively.

    Fighters should be able to beat a metal-equivalent amount of battleships in combat most of the time. Bear in mind 4 battleships are about the cost of a launcher and a nuke.
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    I would recommend the official one.
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    I'm all good with another dedicated balance thread as it may result in more visibility than the standard thread :)

    Always happy to hear feedback whether negative or positive.

    Anyone else feel that this is the case for the orbital battleship in particular as well?
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    well that's more of an engine flaw planetary annihilation inc [PAI] needs to address right?

    I mean whether the space battleship of the legion is op or not what you point out remains an issue for space units as a general rule, no?
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