LCT - fun and very successful strategy!

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Do you like my strategy?

  1. No! Learn how to play! You are nub!!1! 1v1 me m8!

  2. Yes! I like this strategy! It's fun!

  3. You call it a strategy?

  4. Bacon

  1. grzegorz2121

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    Hello! Today I present to you my new ultimate strategy! The LCT

    That strategy was created to stress relief! (to your stress relief, not to your enemy)

    You need to start with legion.

    1. Find 2 planet system that will be able to survive 50min of gameplay (most of them are designed to crash into each other after ~40min) The easiest is to create your own system.
    2.Enemy should spawn on second planet.
    3.You need to rush t2 tanks, t2 air, orbital as soon you can.
    t2 fabber tanks will be used to create defense bubble on the other planet
    t2 air will be used to create all your economy on your planet and to protect planet from invaders
    orbital will be used to defend from enemy orbital

    4.The hardest part: invading enemy planet
    I prefer to send combat fabber to build tele and after sending my units i create defences
    You can use orbital fabber but you need to build it before enemy will produce first orbital interceptor
    or just send few orbital units to clear landing zone
    You can't use unit cannon because you will play legion.

    5.Fun starts!
    -build lots and lots of defenses near enemy base and use gustaf, nukes, titans, army, holocene to anihilate enemy base!
    (Don't forget to defend your planet with air, orbital spam. Don't forget about healthy eco)

    Tips: After few matches with AI i created list of defenses that are useful:

    1. Decimator - It have the highest DPS of all legion defences - must have on frontlines, it can destroy nearly any unit that will be too close
    2. Rampart - shield - very important to counter enemy artillery and some ranged units
    3. Archer - very powerful AA but still need support (T2 interceptors) to deal with Zeus
    4. Iron dome - without that you will be nuked... simple
    5. Gustaf - my favorite artillery it have smaller range than Holvkins but it have greater damage and AOE
    6. Hive - it won't deal too much dmg in late game but it will buy few seconds critical to your defenses
    7. Arsonist - Just put few of them and watch whole world on fire (good vs enemy Vanguards but you need at least 5)
    8. Theodor - it is like mini gustaf not very good but it does something
    9. Tola - use it to shot down enemy orbital before it will destroy your Centurions

    Rest of defenses are useless in this strategy.

    Tell me what you think about this strategy! I recommend to try it! It's fun! (With AI of course not with other players- that can cause: salt, rage, bad words, cancer or even death)
    I tested it only with AI up to Absurd or Gold

    But if you want to try that strategy on other players i don't stop you :)
  2. pieman90

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    Against any competent player you probably would get rekt as if I spawned on one planet and you spawned on the other I'd rush orbital pretty early on in order to make sure you don't manage to gain maximum potential from your planet. Though if it works for you that's fine.
  3. grzegorz2121

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    I wrote that this strategy isn't designed to battle vs other players but with AI. Mainly that strategy are created to have fun!

    PS. You wrote that you would rush orbital. My strategy need to rush orbital first so you can't invade my planet.
    I didn't used this strategy vs player. It's created to fight AIs

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