Large single planet FFA maps for 10+ players (custom servers)

Discussion in 'Mapping and stuff' started by zihuatanejo, February 8, 2015.

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    So I have a server I want to try and setup some custom games on, much like the Realm and mikeyh have been doing. Got it working on a server I have access to, but need maps! Just dug into the system editor a bit and figured out how to place landing zones and metal spots, but it is tedious, and I'm going to need to make a different map depending on the number of players, otherwise some people will have advantageous spawns etc.

    So first of all, if you have some nice single planet FFA maps with more than 10 spawns (I'm thinking maybe 16, 20, 24, 32?), please share, and lastly, any tips for making one? Specifically, in how to make the landing zones equidistant from each other.
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    You could try this hand crafted way of equidistant spawns:
    • Install the hidden biomes mod
    • Create a map with the radius you want
    • Select the sandbox biome
    • Use the grid to space spawns evenly
    • Export the map to pas
    • Open map in a text editor
    • Find the spawn array, and copy it
    • Open the exported map you want to create the spawns for
    • Paste the spawn array into it
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    I have a 850 radius water map with 10 balanced spawns.Like this:


    Sorry but it will be problem find good map with more than 10 spawns.It does not make sense in most part situations and hard for balancing.

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