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    Between old stuff like Out of Date Graphics drivers and new stuff like the Local Servers inability to run/connect in certain cases quite a bunch of common issues have gathered. So much it prooved hard for me to find any specific link to the explaining threads at any time.
    So I thought about making one.

    0. I am having any issue running the game:
    Double and Tripple Check that your graphics drivers are up to date. The game seems inredibly vulnerable to even slightly out of date drivers. 6 months can often be the source of problems.
    If you have a Intel I3, I5 or I7 that means you also have Intel HD Graphics card integrated in the CPU. Unlike oldschool "integrated GPU" + discrete GPU, the On-CPU-GPU one will not be disabeled when you have a dedicated card.
    The helper process CoherentUI_host is notriously being run on the Intel HD GPU, causing a huge amount of the issues reported.
    Also you need all the Windows Updates. The game was not designed or tested to run with a partially outdated windows.

    0a) Running CoherentUI on the discrete graphcis card for NVidia:
    Open the NVidia Control Panel. 3D settings.
    You could just change the global setting away from Automatic to always use the discrete GPU. This will prevent any furtehr issues with a game being run on the "wrong" GPU.
    If you still want to retain the ability to run non-expensive stuff on the more energy and heat effective Intel HD GPU, go to Programm Settings, Click on Add, Navigate to your PA installations bin_x64 folder and select the CoherentUI_host.exe. Afterwards change the value for this instance from Automatic to the Discrete Graphics card. Note that unlike normal games for the list, this exception is working on full path (rather then just executeable name), so it has to be repeated for each installation and each version of the bin folder that you are using.
    Note: Names translated from German.

    0b. Running CoherentUI on the discrete Graphics Card for AMD:
    I don't have a AMD, so I cannot tell.

    1. Nothing Appears in Server Browser/very long wait times for games to appear and difficulty to connect to games:
    Please check that PA.exe has a proper firewall exception.
    If it has this is most likely due to the stock Server Browser using excessive amounts of bandwith (more then even the game itself). There is a mod for a more effecient server browser wich fixes the issue:
    Edit: As milkey pointed out, the sever browser mod has been discontinued. This is in part because atempts to bring in dedicated servers/internet play edgewise uses the same files. In part because the developer was not having the time to keep it up to date with builds:

    2. No Open GL Support for current drivers, but the card is OpenGL capable:
    This is a specific issue with AMD Laptop Cards (Mobility series). You need to remove the current driver and install the legacy driver to enable OpenGL support:
    While you should not expect a decent FPS from such a old/limited card, you should at least be able to start the game.

    3. Out of memory/memory exhausted messages:
    This issue is most often related to not having a (big enough) page file. It is not that the game is unable to use your memory (if you have a x64 Windows you should be running the x64 executeable). Regardless of RAM sizes (even 16+ GiB), the game just really dislikes it to not have a page file.
    Just give it one and the issues should dissapear.

    4. When starting a match the loading screen never shows any text and does not progress:
    The game most likely tried to use a local server, but the server.exe crashed due to the bluetooth bug or something similar. (It will try to run local server on any computer fullfilling the minimum requirements by default, unless you try to start a Multiplayer game).
    Either disable local play in settings or follow the steps in the Bluetooth bug below to get local servers to work.

    5. ChronoCam not working/UI stuck after trying to use Chronocam (only spectator/active game; no issues while watching replays):
    This bug seems to be related to the CoherentUI running on Intel HD GPU's. In Dual GPU setups this can be avoided by running the CoherentUI on the proper GPU (see linked thread).
    For people who only have a Intel HD GPU there is currently no known workaround.
    In either case please post your DxDiag and glewinfo.txt over in this thread so the common cause can be found and the issue can be fixed:

    6. Server.exe crashes, aka Bluetooth bug:
    If you have bluetooth on the computer, the games local server and some background programm related to bluetooth try to register the same port, wich causes a colission:
    Killing the Bluetooth related task is a solution.
    Edit: Starting with build 73939 the server no longer uses the port 8043 (wich collided with bluetooth). Instead it is using the port 20545, wich has a lower chance of conflicts.

    7. Uberlauncher is not downloading all packages:
    You will see an image like:
    This is meerly a display issue. It is not suppsoed to happen, but can be tricky to fix and is low on the priority list. As long as there is no error message and the verfiy scan does not try to download any more packages everything worked fine.

    8. Changing of the Dispaly name does not stick:
    This seems to be tied to the way the Uber Launcher transmits the login information to the PA.exe. It does not happen to teh steam version or if you manually start the PA.exe and login into playfab ingame.
    Edit: Afaik the PAMM login relay is using the same method as the Uber-launcher.

    9. When starting I am getting a Black Screen with cursor. Sounds effects/music/intro video might play:
    This is caused by desktop recording or screen capture software interfering with the drawing process.
    There is a list of programms know to cause these issues, most noteable recording softwares. But also some odd cases like Add-blockers.

    10. The game is performing poorly despite me being within the requirements:
    There are some reports that the steam overlay or uberlauncher can cause performance issues. Consider disabling the overlay for PA or starting the PA.exe directiony.
    Also check point 0 as it is propably run partially on the wrong GPU.

    Did I miss any know bugs?
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    Nothing Appears in Server Browser/very long wait times for games to appear and difficulty to connect to games:
    Please check that PA.exe has a proper firewall exception.
    If it has this is most likely due to the stock Server Browser using excessive amounts of bandwith (more then even the game itself). There is a mod for a more effecient server browser wich fixes the issue:

    The Faster Server Browser mod has been euthanised and is no longer available.

    Please see the discussion here:
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    Updated a few things.
    Added a point 0 (the GPU drivers and making certain it is not run partially on a Intel HD and proper Card).
    Also a point for the Blackscren bug (need that link to the list of incompatible software again) and the Steam Overlay/Uber launcher causing FPS issues.
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    I am having the blackscreen and cursor problem. I had PA running well on my computer and then I did a fresh install of windows to fix some issues that come with a few year old laptop. Since the reinstall, I can only get it to load the screen if I plug into an external monitor. Any suggestions? I have Nvidia switching graphics and it shows that it is using the dedicated card when it tries to load PA.

    I am running windows 7 and to the best of my knowledge i am running the most up to date drivers.
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    Could you upload your DxDiag.txt on this forum? You can generate that file by press <Win>+R, typing "dxdiag" and press the "Save All information"-button.

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