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    The enemy Commander, at 2% HP, fires a decisive anti-air missile, killing the last one of your bombers. Almost destroyed, he stands there, shooting maniacally at all your remaining fighters and scouts that circle around him desperatly, unable to cause any damage. You clench your fists as he laughs straight in your face. Oh, how you wish you could just crash all your fighters, scouts, and even fabricators, right in between his metal eyes, to end this war once and for all...
    ~~Well now you can~~

    This mod gives air units the ability to KAMIKAZE land targets, and sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
    ...Beware the Firefly snipes...

    Stats and specs:
    • Every MLA air unit, except the Zeus Titan, gets a new kamikaze weapon, which can be used the same way as Commander's Uber Cannon. Its stats are based on the unit's stats using the following formula:
      • damage: 2/3 * metal cost
      • range: 30 + 0.5 * move speed
      • splash radius: 0.5 * sqrt(damage)
    • Compatible with most other server mods, however only the air units from Second Wave and Section 17 get the kamikaze ability. Legion already has a few air units that use alt-attack, so I didn't change anything in it to avoid confusion.

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