Is there any chance for new official patches?

Discussion in 'Balance Discussions' started by netpyxa, March 4, 2018.

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    Fixing com reclaim was a big improvement.

    Nowdays i think a reasonable air nerf is required. Kestrels shut down ground defences on their own. People usually go for bots, air x3 and tech. And spam even more air factories.

    And slammers can torpedo the kaijus for some reason, too.

    Another good fix would be to make minelayers act as engineer units for the purposes of unit selection if ordered to patrol (repair/reclaim) or lay mines. You dont want to interrupt these orders with box selection.
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    For your last point, you should install the mod "Combat fabricator group deselect" by Alpha2546, it does exactly what you're wishing: treat the combat fabber as a fabrication unit (select all idle fabbers will select these idle combat fabbers) and hitting "select all land units" won't select them either so they'll remain on their minelaying / reclaiming duties.
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    On a related note, the Combat Colonel Selection mod groups the Colonels with the combat units instead of the fabber units

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