Is it possible? (Metal sharing for teams)

Discussion in 'Mod Discussions' started by liq3, August 30, 2015.

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    Ok so, if anyone has played Zero-K is it possible to make a mod that would let us host games using that team resource sharing model?

    For people who haven't played it, it works like this. Everyone's metal income is evenly distributed to all players on the team. e.g. you have 3 players on a team, with 5, 10 and 15 metal income. Everyone gets 10m/s. This would only affect teams and not shared armies.
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    Only Uber could implement this.
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    I can think of an interesting "hack" to do this: A new unit, a Supply Transporter. Slow, no Offense but plenty of HP, takes a bunch of metal to make but leaves a wreck with a similar amount of metal in salvage. Has an "Activate" button which only makes it do a self destruct "attack" for no damage. One unit per type: mech, air, land, sea, space, and perhaps upgraded/more metal versions of them in advanced. The Idea is one player makes them and sends them to another, activates them, they self destruct and the other player then salvages them. May as well add a corresponding unit , the "Salvager" which is cheap and does nothing but reclaim wrecks really fast. Pretty simple and seems doable, but I'm new to modding PA so not sure.

    This would add an interesting dynamic to games with a bunch of players, requiring supply channels and staging areas to be set up and defended. If any old pros know if this is doable or not, let me know please!

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