Intelligent, controllable unit stacking

Discussion in 'Planetary Annihilation General Discussion' started by void2258, March 5, 2013.

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    One thing I really loved about SupCom1 was that, when you had multiple unit types in a single selection, they would try to organize intelligently and stay together. For example if you had mobile shield generators, they would spread out for maximum coverage in the group, and the group would stay together rather than faster units going out in front. You got the same behavior from AA units, etc so you never had all units of one type all smashed together, and you could command cohesive armies instead of having to micro like crazy.

    In TA and SupCom2, everyone would group up by unit type, for example meaning if you have shield generates they would all just get together on top of each other. This drove me crazy, because it meant I had to control each unit type separately. Especially bad for shield units since I had to control each one individually so they would actually provide good coverage. It made maneuvering large groups a pain in the ***, and is one of the main reasons I gave up playing SupCom2 once I finished the single player campaign.

    Please make sure that units intelligently arrange again. Even better, let us control how the do this, for example giving skirmish units a leash range from the main force (so we can set traps, etc), letting rearrange the coverage (all anti unit forces in the front with anti-building units in the back and AA throughout, or put the AA on the outside to guard against airstrikes, etc.) so we can maximize the tactical control of our forces without turning the game into a contest of clicks-per-minute. I want to be fighting my opponent, not my own units.
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    Soyou want something like a formation panel, with like Assault, Movement, Defence formations? where the units fall into like AA units in formation stay X-distance from each other while mobile artillery stays in center.
    Sounds good, but I'm not sure how easy it would be to implement.
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    There have been several topics on this, and most people liked it, so I'm sure we will have something like this.
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    I'm no game designer, but I can't see these as being very hard to implement... I mean heck, if units are forming up into groups, it should be almost as simple to have them form up into alternating groups... I'm fairly certain they could do this easily and considering what I've seen so far, they will. It would be silly not to.

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